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Wednesday, August 31, 2005


New Orleans should be abandoned. Thats a bad word. Relocated. The city is below sea level and both dykes have broken. Fiscally, I don't see how it can be sound idea to try and drain, clean, restore, repair, and renovate a city under 20 feet of water. And whats to stop another storm (OR TERRORISTS!!!) from simply breaking the dykes again. The Army Corps of Engineers should simply begin some intense urban renewal uphill for the people that lost their homes. The Sunken City can become a tourism attraction. Fanboats can guide tourists through the lush, gator infested swamps that are now 13th street. The Superdome might be worth saving. It's perfectly situated now to become an excellent aquarium. And the new city? Neo Leans. It'd be just like with Pompei, but with more soul.
Furthermore, if I knew a hurricane or flood was coming, I would promptly (ok, eventually maybe get around to some time later) putting my possessions in ziploc plastic baggies or vaccuum sealed bags or something similar. All properly numerated and cateloged of course. Perhaps with a relatives address on them so they could be sent there once recovered. But then again, I live in Idaho where the natural disasters are limited to atv accidents at the dunes and people ruining everybodies lives and eating all our steak. The food here is nice though. Really, it usually is. Especially breakfast...mmm....
Anyone tried the new giant m&m's yet?
I am also very glad that I don't drive a car, as gasoline is going insane. Opening the national reserves won't aleviate the problem, the refineries were in Mexico. The petroleum stored in those salt mines won't become gasoline fast enough or in a big enough quality to change a thing. It was a mostly symbiolic measure to lower the price per barrel, in my oppinion. Also, it'd be nice to have a less stoic commander in chief.

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Dr. Dangerman said...

I agree with the new orleans thing. Not only is it in a horrible, HORRIBLE spot, but it might be cheaper and faster just to rebuild it above ground. No levees, no "disaster pit" no problem! I too am glad that I don't drive a car, since gas is insane. Steve is going to kill the next gas attendant since ten dollars isn't even a quarter of a tank for him. It's funny to watch him get mad.