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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mind Bottling

I love this movie; how can you not? It's the new Zoolander.

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Sunday, August 19, 2007


In a short time, I think I will stop carrying my cell phone, probably by the end of the month. It has lost utility - and the screen is cracked. Other things I carry are suffering a similar destine. Notably, my wallet, which now drops coins regularly. I was hesitant to make this next upgrade, as RFID is used at work on the locking doors, but given that I was threatened this last week with an untimely release upon another unpunctual arrival, it seems just as well.

ThinkGeek :: RFID Blocking Wallet

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Saturday, August 18, 2007


I want to vent into the internets, but the weekend isn't over and I imagine the story will be best told in its entirety. So far the defining moment has been breaking a ten into the Trimet ticket machine and receiving 8 of these back. That's kind of how it's been all weekend. Of course, no one can refuse legal tender. In the Eurozone is a really cool sounding phrase. I'd use it as for the name of the second album of some British rock band, were I in one.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


He got a pair of Heely's, but none for me! I am jealous! A pair would have greatly increased my utility! He'll fall and die soon though; he's never learned how to skate. The transition will be killer! Muhahaha!

Saturday, August 04, 2007


I really like this one, although Secret Mutant Hero Force is still my favorite.

The Perry Bible Fellowship

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Performance-enhancing use

This is why:

Because Adderall uses amphetamine stimulants to help the user
concentrate for extended periods of time, many students today request
Adderall from doctors in order to use it as a study aid. Thus, it is
increasingly popular on college campuses. The largest benefit to
students is Adderall's ability to give students the power to learn and
study what would usually be uninteresting material. Thus it is used
extensively by students wishing to pull all-nighters
to study for tests. Because of the appetite-suppressing properties of
amphetamines, it is also sought after by those wishing to lose weight.

Research done by the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) shows
the more competitive the college, the higher the incidence of stimulant
use. An article published stated the findings of a nationwide survey of
thousands of college students.[10]
The findings of a April 2006 survey indicates 5.9% use rates among the
more competitive campuses, compared to 1.3% use rates among less
competitive campuses. Breaking down the use pattern even further, this
same sample done by NIDA reveals whites were more likely to use
stimulants compared to African Americans and Asians, at rates of 4.9%,
1.6%, and 1.3% respectively. Further, students with lower grade point
averages of B’s or below use stimulants at a rate of 5.2%, compared to
students earning B+ or above who use this medication at rates of only
3.3%. This research also specifically identified that students involved
in sororities or fraternities use stimulants at a much higher rate of
8.6% compared to nonmembers who reported use at rates of only 3.3%.[11]

Another major concern about the use of Adderall among college
students is the psychological dependence that may cause students to
lose faith in their own ability to perform well and the dependence on
the advantageous effects of stimulant medication. Jackie Kurta, an
Alcohol and Drug Specialist at UC Santa Barbara’s Student Heath
Services states, “
Students start out taking study drugs one time to
study. The drugs work so well that the students begin to lose
confidence in their own abilities to study without them,” (Hirschey).

Aside from being used by college students as a study aid, Adderall
has been used as an off label drug for weight loss. Adderall’s side
effect of weight loss and appetite suppression is a desired result for
those trying to lose weight. It is administered as part of a “cocktail”
of other off label prescription drugs that have side effects used to
treat obesity. There have not been any scientific studies performed to
evaluate the effectiveness of this form of treatment and is viewed as a
very risky and potentially dangerous way to shed pounds.[12]

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I am glad I decided to reduce the dosage a few months ago. Thankfully, I'm not having withdrawals. But it's not a pleasant experience by any stretch. Please bare with me through the transition.
I have noticed a few fundamental changes in my personality. I am significantly more grouchy and very irritable. In the past I was grumpy from when I awoke for a time, usually diminishing shortly after breakfast or brunch or whatever. My mind is a lot more sparse as well. Writing this is hard, the sentences don't..flow. I grasp for words that aren't there. It's frustrating. I get frustrated a lot easier too. Swearing a lot more, without excuse, but without regret since I've read this. I feel retarded writing right now. I can't spell as well either. Really snippy too. Or is it snappy? I imagine that part of it is kind of like quitting smoking, where they get all irritable and whatever. I can pretend I understand that experience. I'm also not funny, saying stupid comments under my breath and such. I'm sometimes asked to repeat them louder, thinking I was speaking to them, and perhaps I was, but, man, are they stupid. My social skills, which were never incredible, feel greatly diminished. Perhaps much of this is in my head. I can't be sure. I have no idea what skills I have retained, it seems blogging isn't one of them though. I'm not as tired as I thought I would be. Grumpy though. My punctuation is all wonky, I think. I'm getting stalled, more often than I've remembered in the past. What was I doing? It escapes me so often now. It's frustrating.
So frustrating. I used to be able to do all these things! And now what? A recent text message tried to bolster my confidences:

You could do anything you wanted to with writting [sic]. So and english major would be a smart move and all schools offer that.. You are great at science and math. Both have great potential. You remember everything. Your [sic] creative. You could totally get a job with a video game developenent [sic] degree. Your [sic] limitations are like cleaning and dishes.

I feel like an ass for noting all the errors which are not such in that medium. I don't feel like I could do anything of those things right now. The limitations about dishes are still true, I have to clean the kitchen today, so...
It's a rock and hard place. I am either this Jekyll and Hyde abomination through doping or a man-child layman.
Either way, I don't like who I've become.

God, I hope it's not genetic. What does it matter? I'd make a horrible parent like this. Cursed thoughts, leave me!

Friday, August 03, 2007


So I found out today that this IP address is actually banned from making edits on Wikipedia, which kind of sucks because I like to add brackets around topics that intrigue me through the edit page instead of typing the word into the search bar.

I rented How I Met Your Mother on dvd this week upon recommendation of and with Kirsten thinking it might be fun to watch together. We watched like 6 episodes and haven't seen her since. It almost seems like she comes over to get her mojo fix and then leaves until it needs refilled. I assume that I receive a slightly choice treatment among her friends, on account of our previous relations, but even with that boon find it an unsatisfactory friendship. Of the many invitations extended, few are accepted. I propose that this may be why she finds herself with few close and many acquaintances. But I am standing too close to be objective. I concede, the show is very funny, but I found myself empathizing with the characters in this sitcom with a heart too much to really enjoy it fully.

I've begun a voyage of self-discovery. More on this later. So far, I've learned I'm really not that funny. Forget everything you thought you new [pun!] about me; it's all changing!!!

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I wish I had one!


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