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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Office

I am excited for the Office coming back. It is very excellent. I think it coupled with Earl are the primary reasons ABC moved Gray's Anatomy to Thursdays. I speculate the addition of new 3 new cast members may be tied to Jim leaving the Scranton branch but keeping him in the show. It will be a delightful season. Last night Mike proclaimed as he shuffled about his last ritual, "I hate that [kind of(?)] show, but to each his own, right? I could never even get into Lost." I am puzzled by his choice to include Lost and The Office as similar shows. They hardly seem congruous in my mind. Good-bye, girl, for I shall be watching your doctor-slut-fest no more!
I am really enjoying my creative non-fiction course. Expository seems like a more harmonious word for the genre given the deceptive connotations of the word 'non-fiction'. Interestingly, many of our starting essays were on what is creative non-fiction. Genre defining itself within the genre it seeks to define. Delightsome.
My alarm just went off telling me to go and finish my composite functions, but I say "Nay! I shall delay!"
We must write a short piece of creative non-fiction of our own as well for presentation. I have had numerous thoughts of things I could write. The nature of the genre will dictate that it will be introspective and truthish, in as far as we can recall events and our impressions of them. Thus, I will be limited by my boldness to share my shames. A recent idea I'm playing with is an exposition on why I'm no longer making music. Organizing my various reasons could turn out quite well. My timer when off again and I'm losing my focus to the other tasks I set off last night (it was getting dark!). I should go. It would be good, but there are some aspects I am still reluctant to share, and ommission of them would leave my arguement incomplete. Just went off again, need to go. I am reluctant

Sunday, September 10, 2006

RE: Bloody Stool

The following is a email I sent a friend regarding the current status of things, if you care. I don't, not enough to be original.

Mike? He reads books called "The Daemon Lord of X," where x is the location of said fantasy. He has a Dungeons and Dragons poster of different dragon species (the Bronze Dragon is my favorite, although it could never fly with such tiny wings). He has no less than six Star Trek models, even the Enterprize from the shitty one that was before Kirk or whatever. He watches anime on cartoon network. The only channels I've ever seen him watch are cartoon network, sci fi, and discovery (but only once!). He keeps a katana under his bed, and has several others at home with a few knives. You wanna know how I know he's ubernerdy? He's taking class called "Dating and Courtship". And he likes to listen to soft-warm-and-fuzzy-rock when he goes to sleep. It is awful, although John Tesh does have a voice fit for the station.

Fuzzb411's roommates are pretty cool. We watch Pinky and the Brain over at her place (DVD BITCH!!). The Christmas episode is really emotional. Pinky asks Santa to give Brain the world, and when Brain reads Pinky's letter that they forgot to give Santa, he is so overcome with the Christmas spirit that he relents on his plan, which would have given him the world. It was a good one. After we finish Pinky and the Brain, we're gonna start Darkwing Duck (suck it!).

My last math assignment was on Linear Equations in Calculus. It's "applied" for the life sciences and economics. Pwn'd!!1

Saw Rockapella last night, of Carmen Sandiego fame. As soon as trench coats are made, a stalker should be made. She Was good at hiding. Like a femme fatal version of Waldo. Sadly, she does not leave her clothes behind in the same fashion.

We had an air alert advisiory this last week. Idaho sucks ass.