Waffling in THREE dimensions.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Halo Tomorrow at about 6pm. Bring some food if you're nice. That's Wednesday, not tuesday. Birthdays are too busy, but you can still bring me stuff if you want (like Jeremy did last year, he was the only one to remember [or care??])

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


I'm thinking some birthday halo next week. Tues the 20th.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


I will be coming home on Sunday. Quit Asking. Nerds are delicious...

Thursday, December 08, 2005

I will be blogging a lot today...

More like whining. My mind is muddled, a sick combination of stimulants and sleep deprivation. My resting heart-rate is near the 100s. I'm always slightly adgitated. Did i spell that right? It is well. I've been thinking deep thoughts, I am lost in them. My mind is begining to hurt, my dendrites are stretched. I may be experiencing mild hallucinations, and i don't know why the first digit on my index finger is red and splotchy. Should i be concerned? Shall i be concerned? It would all be easier if i had something more concrete than rationalization, logic, and impressions. I don't like lying. I'm getting quite good at it. This place is bad for me in that way. I don't want to conform, but i don't want to rebel, so i have adapted. I don't think my mother would approve. Who would approve? Why did i type that. Don't drink the new mountain dew flavor MDX that has the black label. It is gross, has a sick aftertaste. I tried the sugar free kind last week and enjoyed it alot more. This one tastes more like an energy drink and a soda. I prefer soda, although i have little to compare it against. I don't like being graded for religion class. I know they try to make it simple: true or false honesty scripture reading and class attendence points and what not. But what it feels like its coming down to is an assessment of faith, one i don't want to give, but will lie to get. Have i no morals? No, not anymore...

I must now sort out some fiancial aid papers, i don't know whether i am relieved that they will prevent me from continuing my rampant thoughts. i suppose i am, but i am slightly annoyed that my roommate is still in bed as i wanted to practise with a recording and i don't like the hike to the practise rooms. oh well. there is only anoher week. i wish to try biofeed back. it intrigues me.

Teri Hatcher is 41.

I've never been really excited about religion. I dislike having to prove a private part myself in a class. I've done the math and it's not looking good for the grades. Its hard to care. Ehh. I should have started sooner...but...ehh...At best I can get like a D. I don't know. Its hard for me to justify the effort I suppose. Everything can be rationalized. The morals come after the decision. I bet surf boards don't taste very good to sharks. They should make them smell rotten to them, I bet that would help. Taste aversion. It's too bad the early mormons spread out and colonized instead of staying centrally located. If they had stayed contained, I bet they'd have created an independent state, much like the Vatican. Yeah. Deseret City. Why not? I'm having a hard time voicing my thoughts. It's probably best...

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

freak out

the power is out
using battery power
internet still works
everyone is freaking out
novel is exciting
more later
when not on phone

Resistance is Futile

You have to conform, that's all there is to it. Rebellion is punishable by expulsion. They can't prove that I'm not conforming.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Up and Up

Today was an improvement. Aside from slipping on some ice, my day was fine, that put the rest of it in the toilet. I'm feeling less sick, but i have boogers the consistancy of hot pizza cheese. Facebook is blocked by myspace now. I hate living in the dorms. Kohlberg's theory of moral reasoning totally blew my mind today. An extended epiphany, intoxication on an idea. Might have been the last of my Sudafed. I should get some more drugs, but I don't want to walk anywhere far in the cold (16F with a 10 degree windchill currently). I need to woodshed like a horse and do laundry like an 800 pound gorilla tomorrow. I can't seem to get any updates to work on my firefox 1.5...

Friday, December 02, 2005

I have a cold

Snow sucks ass. Snow’s all fluffy and pretty. Snow is a bitch. It’s cold, and likes to land on your nose as if to say “Hi!” like that annoying freshman in high school who had that crush on you but never anything to say, but wants your attention regardless of how frivolous it might be for you to listen about how they like toe-socks. That same one that found out your instant messaging handle and sent you messages the exact moment you signed on, usually about how bored they are. Plus, in lowlight it makes everything grayscale, which is about as much fun as listening to that girl complain about how she hates her parents and no one understands her, but for some reason, she illogically thinks you might. Shut the hell up, Snow, I hate you. Snow was only cool when you see it once a year, like your “funny” uncle. Spend more than a weekend with him, and someone must die.

Sleet is 1337. I should get that on a fucking shirt. I have a cold. I never have experienced sleet, but I have a feeling it would kick my ass.