Waffling in THREE dimensions.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

oh shit!

There really is no good way to prepare for a math test. Math tests are not like regular exams. A standard exam can be studied for through memorization of terms, dates, and other categorical information which you've learned before hand. Not so with math. To some extent, you can prepare yourself, but its more like preparing for a natural disaster than an quiz. Some vague idea of what to expect can guide your steps, and you may have had similar experiences in the past, but you can't be sure if it's The Big One. In a way, a math test is a blind date. You've gone on dates before, you know how to crack a good derivative, but will she like the joke? Not the best metaphor, because, seriously, math and sex are about as unrelated as possible. Although, after I spent three and a half hours on that exam, I was pretty damn tired.
I probably wouldn't be so bitter if calculus had some applications for me. Sure, I can find the fluid pressure on a submerged two dimensional object in a liquid of known density. Wait, I can't; I failed that problem.
It's probably a good thing math and sex are so unrelated, although I'm very tempted to use the pick-up line: Hey baby, what's your sine?

Monday, September 26, 2005

Here.. sort of.

Of the things I miss from home, one of the greatest would have to be staying up with my sister and watching Conan O'Brian each night. I had a horrible sleep schedule that summer, but my current one is pretty sweet. While fiddling around with Google Video, I found one of the best clips from one of our favorite running gags: Walker Texas Ranger Clips. Check it out. I also really liked the pilot episode for "Everybody Hates Chris." It wasn't that spectacular, but very enjoyable. Flashback narratives have never been my cup of tea.

Friday, September 23, 2005

So much for having fun:-(

I really wish I could be in Washington this weekend. So much is happening there now, it is exciting. The huge peace ralley. There's alot of buzz about it. The President won't be there, instead in Colorado, watching the events taking place in his two residences. Rumors of a military drill in which agents are dressed in civillian clothing to simulate a terrorist attack on the capital or something. Lots of people are worried about new crowd control technologies, including "The Scream" aka The Sonic Laser (already field tested in Israel), various microwave beams, and other creepy technology, being implimented on the protestors. Anyways, thats enough talk about that, much more would require a tinfoil hat. I find this sort of stuff very interesting, but I'm a dweeb.
I'd post more, I have a lot on my mind, but I'm on the phone, and I don't anticipate being off it soon enough to...whatever fuck this.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

its so hard to integrate when there's so much going on in the world of politics!!

Once again I am dodging the world of Sohcahtoa in favor of...something thats not trigonometric identity integration techniques. Anyways, I watched the "Bianca" clip of Bush searching for either a planted reporter or... thats pretty much the best explanation for it. Its quite odd. As someone who has abused stimulants (not something I'm proud of), I can say that the weird twitching and flexing of his jaw is similar to my own experience with the side-effects. Given the pretzeldent's past history of drug use, it would not be surprizing.
For some reason, The National Enquirer's website is blocked. "Alternative Journals" is filtered. Suspicious.
The Donahue v. O'Reily "debate" was pretty intense. It was more of a shouting match really. Lots of interuptions on both sides.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Everybody left for college and I'm stuck here til october 18!!! I'm very bored! Also, they should announce upcoming games until at least six months before they come out. I don't want to wait a whole year until I can play Spore, but I have to god damn it! Stuff just makes me angry.

time to finish some homework

I have no recreation. My previous primary forms of recreation were hanging out with Kirsten, or City of Heroes, neither of which are avaliable to me here, sadly. I only really miss the latter when I realize a cool super hero name or when I'm doing calculus homework, since I named some heroes after calc terms. Not Antiderivative! I won't let him foil my plans again! Seize him! So I am at a complete lack of entertainment. That 70s Show and King of the Hill are awesome, but they aren't on demand. King of the Hill on DvD, would be the pimp. Like in the episode where Snoop Dog guest stars as the pimp 'Alabaster'. Great Episode. So I tried Insaniquarium last night, among others, to ease the boredum. It was fun, not something I want to spend money on, but fun. Looked like it had a good potential for addiction.
There's a lot of dating that happens on campus, as that seems to be the chief sorce of enjoyment around here, but it just doesn't appeal to me. A date is like a job interview, a very long one, and you don't know who else is inquiring about a full time position. The only thing worse than trying to fluff up your resume to get that sweet gig (head of FEMA, score!) is submitting applications. No thanks. Alot of the other people I knew from home have fallen in with new circles and couldn't seem much less interested in occupying my time at all. No worries, I'm learning alot from Wikipedia. Reading in fun! Everybody dance! Life is gooood!
Here's something of particular awesome: From The Garden of Earthly Delights, by Hiƫronymus Bosch, seletect figurines are avaliable here.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

So much to do!

Everyone needs a nerd friend. They are so useful. Moreso than most any other sort of stereotype you can befriend. The nerd friend can fix your computer, make you look better by comparison, and ruin your favorite tv shows and movies with their yammer. But still very useful! Everyone should get one. I advise finding one of those "people" with the shirts that say "No, I won't fix your computer" and then find them and befriend them when they aren't wearing it. That way, they won't know that you know that they fix computer. Also, if you're a girl, just call up Geek Squad and come on to them. Works wonders! Everyone should get one.

I love wikipedia, following BoingBoing, I found a hilarious snippit: Black metal enthusiasts also started to terrorize other notable "death metal" bands that were touring their country or in neighboring countries, on the basis of their lack of apparent "evilness".

I'm a tiiiired panda.

I just woke up from a nap. It was a good nap. It has to be good if it causes you to miss lunch. I'm still a little groggly. There's a sign in my dorm saying that to get an excellent on a cleaning check this week our windows must be "whiteglove clean". What the hell does that mean? Ok, the haze is starting to clear a little. Its still a stupidshit saying.
Tuesdays are off days for me. I have 2 classes and then nothing to do. Cops is on for the next few hours or I'd just go watch tv. Sure there are other channels from fx, but I don't want to search them, that'd give away my hidden abilities. I was really hoping my package would arrive today, but alas. Internet games are restricted until 5pm via websense. The Office season starts tonight, I hope I don't have to fight with anyone for the tv. I hate football, its so boring to watch on tv but without the announcers some of the details get lost. That Earl Show starts tonight I hope it
Here's an interesting firstpersonshooter game I found. Check it out, looks neat

Sunday, September 18, 2005

This one time...

...at band camp, we spent the entire first two days doing 8s and 8s. Oh, we learned a couple pages of drill, but that was kind of an afterthought. And I am marching a concert baritone, because they ran out of marching ones. Yay for me. Music rocks, now if I could master the whole valve instrument thing.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

movie time

Just a quick post before I go practise/laundry. To think, I'm doing this instead of attending a social event filled with beautiful women. My libido is broken. Anyways, I came upon this article about the painter who created The Scream, one of the most famous and parodies works around. This guy had a crazy life and a crazy crowd to hang with. Several suicides, lost of tangled love affairs, and lots of drunkenness. Sounds like a college campus almost. Not my campus, drug free way to be. Yay. The article reminded me of one we read in my focused arts and media education in highschool about the "cultural-epoch" theory. In the paper it said that artists. Damn, my feet reek, I need shoes with better airflow. Anyways, the paper about societal tension, release, upheval was all very interesting... It talked about artists being more intune with the tensions in their society and being compelled to express this discord within their mediums due to whatever sort of emotional calling they had or yadda yadda yadda. This artist, Munch, was an alcoholic and I don't remember exactly how I was going to spin this but the punch line is creative geniuses are broken people. Broken by addictions, mental instability, or whatever. Its a blessing and a curse. I point the the revolutionary figure of Charlie Parker with his heroine addiction and his severe nervous breakdown(s) as well as Isaac Newton, with his demons. I think the latter was a closet homosexual. I need to go do my laundry. The party would be over by the time I got there if I left now. Damn. Bored.

Can't live with 'em.....

So, I'm officially 'off in college'. Yay? Zippy internet, a foo 'illin next door (I already am plotting his death), and band camp. Oh, and these crappy combination lock mailboxes. Only, they work in revers, just to be that more obnoxious. Of course, upon arriving, I promptly discovered half a dozen things I'd forgotten. Huzzah for having yoru roommate move in the day after you, he gets to bring all my forgotten stuff up.

Voltiac Surge!

The Origins of Heroes

Also, I will probably also greatly enjoy Lemmings
Since there really isn't much else for me to do this weekend, save for sleep, eat, and laundry plus the daily internet surfing. Which is how I came upon the upmost link. It really, really, really makes me want to wear wool and synthetics together this winter. Just so I can scorch a little bit of Idaho. I try to do my part as a citizen in that way. It may be dangerous, but I figure, if I can leave tiny melted globules of plastic wherever I go, it'll be worth that risk. Aside from sleeping (11 hours+naps) I've written an email to some past teachers, talked to an old flame, and started to get withdrawals from the current one. I watched somewhere between 4 and 5 hours of That 70s Show last night. If that isn't proof of God, I don't know what is. Pinky and the Brain on DvD sure would be!

Friday, September 16, 2005

I'm not opening aim to take a title from an away message at 7am

Yesterday, I saved about three peoples' lives, found the region bounded by the lines y=x+2 and y=-x²+4x+2, explained how the mean value theorem allows for the approximation of a curve, beat about 15 levels on the DHTML version of the breakout hit "Lemmings" and I was only late to one class: Saxology; which was because I was donating my O+ blood to the blood-deprived. Speaking of lemmings, did you know they don't actually jump off cliffs? Its true. Why the hell would any animal jump off a fucking cliff intentionally? First of all, its just batshit stupid to think they would. If a creature was programed to suicide, they wouldn't reproduce, especially if their reason to suicide is overpopulation. It just isn't logical. They don't do it, it was an urban legend created by Disney in one of their nature videos way back when. They needed material between animated feature films for public release, and nature films were easy to make (they debuted the Patterson film and included it in one of their "documentaries" to boost sales). They put a bunch of snow on a treadmill with some lemmings and then filmed them falling off the edge. Pure evil. Putting rodents on a treadmill does sound fun though. I saw a bunny yesterday. Cute.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Skipping symphonic band to sleep.

This is me procrastinating. Damn it, I forgot what I was going to write...oh yeah. Have you ever noticed that the initials of Wednesday, Thursday, Friday spell out WTF. I think we should take this to the next level. Making Sunday, Monday, Tuesday into OMG. We can make up names for them later. Saturday can simply be BBQ. Cool. Math.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The view from here.

WoW has a new server type now. Added to RP, PvP, and PvE comes the much desired PvP/RP. And there are three of them, one of which was added a day later. Needless to say, they are full. And by full, I mean "sit in a queue for an hour (Not kidding - current estimated wait time: 58 minutes) just to log in". Tons of new cool stuff though. 1.7 FTW! In other news, this is apparently un-official "boy trouble" month, as numerous people have commented that they wanted to hit, murder, beat with a stick, etc, all members of the male gender. Woo. In still other news, the dog just puked on my floor. God dammit....

Breakfast, then class.

Holy crap! Look at this: http://www.google.com/talk/

I found it while I was looking for the new Blog Search System they're installing on Google shortly. It's already on blogger.com (This blog is on the top of the list for "antiwater") Surprizingly, there more other blogs that mentioned the elusive Antiwater. It sort of makes sense, if there is water, there must be antiwater if there is opposition in all things. The messenger looks alot like the MSN messenger and seems to require a google-mail account. Crazy. Before long, you'll be able to search entire books. Or am I behind the curve on this one? Maybe that's just an Amazon feature..
I'm not sure how much people will want to search blogs. It seems odd to me. The information they contain is subjective, can be inaccurate, and many times written poorly (I'm looking at you, deadjournal). I could be completely wrong about this. Many people keep their own and may like to reach out and form communities with others that feel the same way. I've gotten a few comments from strangers before and other anonymus comments. They must have found the blog somehow.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


I have dreamed a dream, nay, I have beheld a vision. It was revealed to me in the form of a narrative about fighting hordes of rats, but no bother! Much of it is too great to reveal at this time. But I shall give unto you the greatest of its blessings, which I shall pour out unto all ye who harken unto my words. Amen.

Wait, we're missing one thing before we go camping.
Think about it. What are we missing?
I don't know.
Antiwater. Think about it. Water is clear; antiwater is clear. Water puts out fires; antiwater makes them bigger. Water is cheap, antiwater is not. You need to drink water to live, if you drink antiwater you die.
Ok, so were do we find some?
Yea, in my dream I didst beheld that they were nearby the red drum which didst contain them that which they were searching for and they beheld it not.
What about the junkyard?
How do we find it there?
I have an idea: we just shoot at the ground and if there's antiwater there it'll explode!
Great plan! Now go tell them that we will be late.
They later accidently shoot their car and it explodes and they realize it had antiwater in it and they try to use it to fight the rats or something because the rats killed some of their family members or something. I really don't remember that much and my transcription was off. But it was a neat dream, I also had one about a full body slide that was kind of made out of trampolines so it had some bounce to it, it was really fun. Anyways, I wish I'd slept longer so I could have learned more of these character adventures, it seemed quite neat. That was a snipit of the conversation I remember. I think my haircut is uneven...

wouldn't you like to know..

I am very disapointed. The devotional for this afternoon has speaker "Elder Gary J. Coleman". I was thrilled! But google confirmed my fears. There would be no "whatchu talkin bout Jesus?" It is a sad day.
On a lighter note, here's a cheer I wrote for a cheerleader's tryout:
Hey vikings!
I'm here, to show you what I've got
I'll persevere, sincerely cheer, give it my best shot
Our jubilee, I guarantee, rivals cannot stop
They will fear, they'll revere, The vikings are on top
We're the best, beyond contest, but if we lose we'll still be blessed!

Not bad for my first cheer. Its been a while since I rhymed. I used to rhyme all the time. Ok, done. This is me remembering not to go to class an hour early.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Let there be light!

So, apparently, Verizon is using the city of Hillsborro (and Aloha, since Aloha just sucks and really isn't an anything) to flagship their switch to fiberoptics. It is to be the first city in the nation (and, assumidly, the world) to be fully fiberoptic-afied. Which basically means... your phone will still work the same damn way. But you'll be gettin interweb 10x faster than anything available now, excepting those exorbitantly rich people that can affored T1 or T3. Of course, this all happens as we leave the city. Ah well.

my, my, my...

If you don't know how bad that could potentially be, then I really can't help you. At least the nuclear reactor was shut down in time.
Living in Rexburg is odd. The entire population is homogenized, like milk, especially with all the white. Let us assume that Mormon's have been inhabiting Utah for 160 years, I'm sure I'm off, but I never much cared for the whole "heritage" thing. Mormons tend to try to reproduce around age 20, although its closer to 23 now for males, earlier for females, I'm sure it was younger back in the day. We can then postulate that at least 8 batches of green jello made in Utah. If you don't understand that I same substituting a stereotypical dessert with generations, you below in a superfund site because you are waste that we cannot dispose of by any simple means. Anyways, 8 generations doesn't seem like a big deal at all when you have a large population, like Mormon's have now. However, Utah was inhabited only by Lamanites before the handcarts arrived and Salt Lake City is now a bustling metropolis nearly 2 centuries later. We can also infer that early missionary work could only have been done in a limited area in the mid-eastern United States and Britian, so the starting gene pool couldn't have been much more than waste (that's a pun, idioth) level. Long story short, Utahonian or whatever they prefer to be called, is to some extent, its own race. I've noticed that several facial traits are predominate, especially regarding noses, chins, and foreheads, and hair color, to a lesser extend. I will write more on this later as it is of interest and gives me something to do besides music. I miss Captain Cummings and The Seamen.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

BBC NEWS | Health | War on terror 'causing US deaths'

BBC NEWS Health War on terror 'causing US deaths' Interesting...

doin hw.

I steal my titles from instant messenger. Where you send instant messages. Yet, it is a messenger. Odd. Our society has become quite illiterate. I blame debauchery. And viral bronquitisicius. Err. Anyways, in the case of this title that I stole "hw." is probably some guy's initials and "doin" probably means "fucking". Don't tell me not to swear. I will refrain from being profane when the Supreme Court tells me what the definition of obscene is. After which I will repeat the classic Cheney quote to them.
It was Rome week on the history channel, it was neato. In the end, friday night I opted to watch a King of the Hill marathon instead. I'd already seen quite a bit of it earlier. Still neat. I also watched a Fresh Prince Marathon and played some Halo, which I suck at quite highly. Some people get too worked up over games. The fun for them comes from winning, not from playing. These people detract from the overall fun. The fun is screaming as an elite with a sword jumps down and kills you and brian lemmon wets himself and jeremy drools. That is what fun is all about.
Things to do today include: practise, calculus, psychology, digest this huge lump of food in my stomach, record practise time, email Rogers back, maybe try to redeem myself from losing to my brother in Minesweeper Flags. I'm sure they're more things I'm forgetting. Holy spirit, I am full.

LAN: Large Amounts of Naptime

So, Kris has his own house, in Corallis. Which proves once and for all that he is indeed a rich, rich basterd. Anyway, went down there on Friday for a LAN party, made it there in under an hour and a half, because Kris drives crazy. Crazy awsome! Anyway, we had a good time making fun of any and every-thing that we could think of, and just generally being 2-AM, caffine and sugar high crazy. It rocked, even though I think I was ranked last in all but one or two of the matches. Meh. Oh and JC ate a bunch of dick. That being our adopted name for the Jones Soda frozen popsicles, which were just as good as the sodas themselves.

Edit: Robert is a flamer.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Just a Flesh Wound

Food is like a drug to me. I'm addicted, really, I am. When I go without food for too long I start going through withdrawls. My stomach starts to hurt and I get irritable. I take this stuff about 3 or more times a day, depending on how bad the withdrawls are. I gotta get my fix you know. The best part of it is the feeling of euphoria I get my stuff. I call it being "full". Oh man, the trips. Its like my mouth is going on an adventure. Its better than tv or videogames really. Its amazing. I can't believe this stuff is legal. Suck it, FDA. It really is the best part of my day, getting loaded on this junk.
What really is starting to bother me about Katrina is the first amendment violations. Namely the freedom of press. The Bill of Rights should always have priority over public "safety". Always. The individual safety of the chief rights (life, liberty, and the pursuit of happyness) should be protected above all else; without the individual there is no group. The prevention of the media from doing things like photographing the dead, displaying conditions inside the superdome, and various other reporting (gasp! why would they do such a thing) is horrific. I'm ashamed of our nation and our government. I can understand the not photographing the dead as a violation of privacy, but I'm sure they would have consented seeing as exposing the horrors of the tragedy that lead to their demise could help prevent future disasters. The hurricane was not the disaster of New Orleans, the inadequate "response" and void prevention of the breach of the levees, and their subsequent rupture, were. I hope Bush's good friend Jesus, slaps him for it. Jesus rocks like that.
Kill skuls.
Which brings me to my primary hate of this campus, aside for the stench of sewage that comes with ever other shift in the wind in certain areas. The homogenized student population. I don't feel that I am a cookie-cutter mormon. My sister is though. What a tool. Anyways, my observations so far, and I admit they do not represent a valid cross-section of student population, include a few things. I just said very little with very many words. I should become a syndicated columnist. I don't seem to jive with these people, I need to find some rebels. I hate country music, bandwagon patriotism, and the executive branch. I do like star gazing, going on long walks, and mountain dew. I really really really HATE decaffinated mountain dew. It scours my soul to think of the abomination. I also am not liking my randomly selecting cursor right now, but one thing at a time.

The early bird sucks

I awoke this morning to the sounds of the street sweeper. What time was it, it was barely light out. Some ungodly single-digit hour, that I had grown blissfully unused to seeing. Then, some indetermined, but nonethless far too short of a time later, I was informed by my father that I was going to be hauling rocks all day, and that we would be leaving in a few minutes. Glee. Luckely, my sister picked this moment to call home sick. Pwnd! Well, at least I got an extra hour, and got to go hang out in the band room like a loser for a few minutes. Anyway, as I am probably going to look back on this and ask "what the hell was I thinking?"; in advance, I blame sleep deprivation.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Call the cell-u-lar or leave a message

I was up until 1am something last night working on that math problem. I woke at 6am to finish it. It was so blatantly clear in the morning, I don't know why I didn't think of it earlier. You had to use Arcsin and then split the problem into two integrals! So simple! Anyways, it wasn't technically due until monday, but I spent that much work on it, I wanted to get rid of it.
NPR is good stuff. I highly recommend.
Everyone needs to read this week's Onion, it's the best I've ever seen it. Seriously delicious satire, 5 for 5 Arby's good. Thats more good than you can buy in all of Canada. If you were to barter this level of good, you could easily get three to five mexican children and maybe a prostitute or two from thailand. You know those thai hookers must be good if their capital city is named after their artform. Thats
www.theonion.com for you noobs. Also crooksandliars.com is a decent liberal blog, if you can get past the flagrant linking. And Boingboing.com has good stuff and its not all political, it has some, but not a whole lot. I had my horn out for over 5 hours yesterday, my lips hurt. My endurance will improve. Over 25% of my waking hours isn't too much, is it?

Edit: 10:20AM: Work on The Shoes has begun.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I'm just so Fresh And Clean

The Invisible Hand guides us all. Today it guided me to Ebay, where The Sims 2 can be found for a mere twenty dollars (including transpacific shipping). How is this possible? Wouldn't it be in Thai? Why yes, it is, but there is a nifty patch that converts it to English. But it is a crime to buy software from Thailand. Why? Copyright laws or some bunk. They obviously aren't producing the game at a loss when they sell it there in Thai, and the middleman must be making some profit margin by selling it to Americans or there would be no incentive to do it at all. Its less than half the price to do it this way. Obviously, Maxis is incredibly greedy and is making over 200% profit off its product. Those bastards. Me buying it from Thailand is in no way hurting the company at all (buying it second hand means that it was still bought at its original retail price...only in Thailand instead of the US). They just want more money. Production costs like printing are not a legitimate excuse for saying it costs more in America; its the same game there and manufacture is probably done in some third world thats more cost effective than domestic production anyways. If the market really shows our every desire as consumers as Adam Smith said, let the underground market show that I want my game for a more reasonable price. When Satan himself charges 50$ after rollbacks, something is wrong.

Furthermore, since it seems that I won't be getting any electronic entertainment this weekend, I think I will begin work on my newest project: Duct Tape Shoes. More like loafers really, slip-on sorts of things. I have it all planned out. More to come.

Also, nearly all the animals in the New Orleans zoo survived, except a few otter and an alligator is missing. Check it out:


So, off in college are we? Entertaining ourselves with blogs are we? Well, fine. But if I get one more email saying that 'You completed the Please Shit in Designated Areas forum, but forgot to sign the Peeing Too clause', I'm going to burn the admin. building down. And, as I discoverd this morning, not only do I have 14 pieces of music to memorize (Yay?), I also suck at playing. Not that I didn't suck before, but this being a new, you-havn't-played-anything-remotly-hard-all-summer type of suck. All these forms and the new level of suckitude have made me angry, I go to find comfort in my online friends. And maybe kill a few rabid bears.


Pow. I am just now starting to feel the pressure. There would be much less if it had not been for the civilization fiasco. I blame society. And Clinton and his so called "armed forces." I really hope that if you lose a limb in a war, they let you go home, because being in the armed forces without one, would be pretty demeaning. Unless they got like some sort of machine gun arm as a replacement. Kick ass.
I have the largest workload tonight I've had yet and I imagine it will become larger as the year progresses. Good thing I'm stocked up on mountain dew. I really hope all my friends from highschool are successful so I can achieve my dream of becoming the world's best bragger. Especially Pranger. If I become rich and famous and he doesn't, I will hire him to stand next to me so I look better by comparison. Like Beyonce' does or whatever with her prop asian girls. I don't remember, like anyone pays attention to what she's wearing anyways.
Speaking of Pranger, I keep seeing a guy whom I think of as "Ugly Pranger" around, in the galley, on the streets, digging through the trash. Not sure exactly what it is about him that stricks me as Prangerish aside from his weird hair, standoffish demeaner, and sometimes carrying a backpack by one strap and maybe height and complection and some clothing prefferences. Its pretty weird. I "recognize" alot of people though, people I haven't met yet. They just seem familiar and I'll think its an old acquaintance. But I also do that with large mirrors. Who's that guy, he looks familiar. I've spent too much time on this, more than I have time for really. I need to go see what rubbish they're serving for lunch. Blech.

What the Hell?

Our fearless leader Bush has (gsap) cut his summer vacation early to...survey the disaster and pick his nose? What the hell took so freaking long to pull there heads out of their asses and DO SOMETHING! I'm still having nightmares about how he got re-elected. If Xtians will vote for a bonehead just because he's one of them then holy crap. Can anyone say theocracy?

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Abandon All Hope

I showed up to class an hour early, because I'm a dumbass. "Chances are you a dumbass". He forgot some components there, what a fat dumbass. Anyways, it gave me a chance to get the locker I needed and some other parts. I have around 11 hours to splurge today, I may use the majority trying to get this game to work. Very frustrating. Especially since websense blocks the support website until 5pm. I don't have any more classes! Tuesdays are the best; websense, the worst.

Look at me! I'm an Engineering Ass!

What an awful weekend. Globally, yeah, it sucked, locally, it blew. It started well enough, saturday was alright, although I give crappy directions. Directions don't really matter anyways; I never get lost. The closest I ever come is confusion which is always caused by an error on someone elses' part, usually a girl's. For example, there are directions on a box of tampons but not a box of donuts. Not a fair example, but when are they fair in arguments? I met a guy doing a paper on Follies in Logic based on discussions with his exgirlfriend. Hmm...
I have an awful case of the Mondays. The long weekend is to blame. Labor day needs a new name, no one does anything on it. It should be called, Temporary Postal Relief day, or TPR for short. I spent the majority of that day wasted on an attempt at entertainment which left me so frustrated that I actually started doing math homework to relax. I really should have anticipated a bad evening when that same girl, Sheri(like my aunt Sheri who is a mix of the annoying Miss Piggy and Fran Drescher with the hair of Julia Drefus) or Shey (rhymes with gay), whatever her name is, the crazy chick decided to sit with me again. Its maddening, after all the effort she made to try to get to know me What do you find facinating?? she didn't remember my name, that or she had an equally crazy twin with a similar name. It could be that both twins are in the same head. It was really good roast too, up til that point.
I hope Trent Lot's house gets tagged, mostly just the porch, that bastard.
If I'm really this good at complaining, which is basically trying to excuse yourself from all the bad things that happened to you (or because of you) I should really work for the Feds, since it wasn't there fault or whatever. I should stop, I'm getting "polotical" and its only 9:30, that can never work out, like a relationship with Melanie. ZING. I'm on fire today.
Right, Right, still haven't mentioned the 40$ I blew on a game that doesn't work. Don't buy Civilization people, it sucks cock. I should have just gotten The Sims 2, I might have been able to pick up some social ediquette from a computer game. Damn, I'm beat. Fuck you, Walmart.

Monday, September 05, 2005


What a waste of a day.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Core Concepts

I really hope City of Villians allows for the creation of an evil mind controller so I can make the Evil Dr. Zimbardo (see above). He's one of the authors of my psychology text and a professor at Stanford. To really appreciate the (evil) genius of this man you must research his Stanford Prison Experiment, which is incredibly awesomely evil, like super glue. It's good stuff with lots of torture, humiliation, and dehumanization. Doesn't he just look evil? I think it's the van dyke.

Excellent breakfast as usual. Ham, hashbrowns, and a piece of bacon. With incredients that good, who could drink that piss like "apple juice." People in the area code 77230, thats who.

I've decided that Halo 2 is better than the original for one core reason. There are many, many, many other aspects of Halo that outshine its sequel but one: Newbies. They don't stand a chance against any sort of seasoned player in Halo; they often try to use the assault rifle simply because it shoots fast while a veteran will three shot them with the pistol. Idiots. That's why people like Peter suck so bad, but there are many other reasons why Peter sucks so bad, but I won't get into those. In Halo 2, the biggest learning curve is the duel weilding, which is relatively simple, and the sword, but thats forgivable. A person will more likely quit the original due to frustration than the sequel, I've decided. Scorpions still suck balls. I think thats all the musing I need to do on this topic. Time to read some psychology.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Fools and Liberals

What are you doing this weekend? A holiday weekend. "Going to the temple." I've heard that response at least a quarter dozen times. This place is Utah. Look, even the campus is shaped like the state-no-one-else-wanted-except-maybe-the-Native-Americans (id est 'Lamanites'). I've used my expert MS Paint skills to highlight the boarders for you; on an unedited map you'd see that the campus is outlined by "roads." Pay no attention to the numbers on the outside, its tennis courts and such, nothing important. It kind of reminds me of a military base in another country, they're essentially tiny Americas, complete with QuikEMarts and supermarkets and whatnots. Technically, they are American soil for all intents and purposes. Like Puerto Rico, but with rights.
Damn it, Sneezed on my screen.
Anyways, its mini-utah. If I knew more about or cared about geography, I'd find out which building is the remote Salt Lake as its obviously the one with the secret lab underneath it. I'm betting on the library. That place has all kinds of creepy.
Worst. Dinner. Ever. I went in expecting something good, probably not going to top my manly meal of cookies and mountain dew, but I walked the 500 metres, I wanted something delicious, damn it! No, it was awful. I usually like fish, fish are delish. No, this fish tasted like paper made from lemons that would self destruct if you got too close. Fish are meant to be eaten, the Bible says, but it also suggests locusts, so take it with a grain of salt (not too much, then the fish just tastes like tear gas). Anyways, God is out to screw us with these fish. No other organism can fall apart into countly tiny particles which are easier collected with a spoon than a fork the way this fish can, could, whatever. Thanks alot, God, real funny. Jerk. The noodles were gross and the clam chowder made me die a little inside. I thought drinking some apple juice would be more healthy than all the softdrinks I've been having, so I had some of that. After trying all this nasty stuff, I decided a hotdog might be better, but the guy tore the bun handing it to me, which later just fell apart ala fish. I tried cutting the end of the hot dog off and making a little hotdog sandwich out of the remaining bun halfs (it was in 3 pieces by this time). Crap on that. I just got a 7up and left. I'll eat starbursts until morning.

Prayer in a cafeteria is just superstitious. The workers know what they're doing, I hope. Its their job, if the food doesn't "bless and nourish [y]our bodies" that's probably you're own fault for picking the wrong items and not exercising. I don't care who you are, blessing the refreshments doesn't make them healthier, it makes the deacons hungrier by making them wait and they eat more of them before you can. God sure does work in mysterious ways! Plus, if you get botulism from their food, you can probably sue, and God is rich. Filthy Rich. Your own food should still be prayed over, because the odds are much higher for you messing up than most everyone else. I'm looking at you, cotten-candy boy.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

I bet its not as sad as the day he tore up the blanket

I have found that I enjoy eating alone. For one, there are no awkward conversations. No feigning interest to be polite. I really don't care about what your major is, I will probably not talk to you again. Furthermore, you aren't very interesting. Now if you'll excuse me, these mashed potatoes are looking lonely. I enjoy eating, the endorphins are wonderful. What if they were called Endolphins, wouldn't that be crazy? Dolphins make everyone happy! Except tuna, but they are delicious, so they really had it coming anyways. I like to try a lot of the different foods, not all because I am not that brave or fat enough (yet!). I rate each item on a A to F scale. Tonights pasta stuff got an F. The sauce tasted like dirt. Idaho dirt. Some girl who seemed kind of interesting, in the car wreck sort of way, joined me for dinner tonight. I didn't particularly enjoy it, but in part because of the food (id est terra). Anyways, I ate my fill and left, feeling little remorse for the abandonment. She had a funny looking friend. Reminded me of a Psittacosaurus. Look it up. Walking home after dinner I saw some people I knew from home, they were across the street. I didn't try to attract there attention, I had a full stomach and was feeling good. No reason to ruin it by talking to them. I noticed the formation of them with the guyfriend. Interesting. Seriously good soup tonight. A+

Back to math.

Sex kills. Kittens that is.

I just got the most gnarly papercut from my calculus book. Its quite ironic. Ironic is a word that should be destroyed and replaced outright as it abused far too often. I blame radio. I need to clean up the blood now.

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