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Monday, September 12, 2005

my, my, my...

If you don't know how bad that could potentially be, then I really can't help you. At least the nuclear reactor was shut down in time.
Living in Rexburg is odd. The entire population is homogenized, like milk, especially with all the white. Let us assume that Mormon's have been inhabiting Utah for 160 years, I'm sure I'm off, but I never much cared for the whole "heritage" thing. Mormons tend to try to reproduce around age 20, although its closer to 23 now for males, earlier for females, I'm sure it was younger back in the day. We can then postulate that at least 8 batches of green jello made in Utah. If you don't understand that I same substituting a stereotypical dessert with generations, you below in a superfund site because you are waste that we cannot dispose of by any simple means. Anyways, 8 generations doesn't seem like a big deal at all when you have a large population, like Mormon's have now. However, Utah was inhabited only by Lamanites before the handcarts arrived and Salt Lake City is now a bustling metropolis nearly 2 centuries later. We can also infer that early missionary work could only have been done in a limited area in the mid-eastern United States and Britian, so the starting gene pool couldn't have been much more than waste (that's a pun, idioth) level. Long story short, Utahonian or whatever they prefer to be called, is to some extent, its own race. I've noticed that several facial traits are predominate, especially regarding noses, chins, and foreheads, and hair color, to a lesser extend. I will write more on this later as it is of interest and gives me something to do besides music. I miss Captain Cummings and The Seamen.

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