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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

wouldn't you like to know..

I am very disapointed. The devotional for this afternoon has speaker "Elder Gary J. Coleman". I was thrilled! But google confirmed my fears. There would be no "whatchu talkin bout Jesus?" It is a sad day.
On a lighter note, here's a cheer I wrote for a cheerleader's tryout:
Hey vikings!
I'm here, to show you what I've got
I'll persevere, sincerely cheer, give it my best shot
Our jubilee, I guarantee, rivals cannot stop
They will fear, they'll revere, The vikings are on top
We're the best, beyond contest, but if we lose we'll still be blessed!

Not bad for my first cheer. Its been a while since I rhymed. I used to rhyme all the time. Ok, done. This is me remembering not to go to class an hour early.

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