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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Call the cell-u-lar or leave a message

I was up until 1am something last night working on that math problem. I woke at 6am to finish it. It was so blatantly clear in the morning, I don't know why I didn't think of it earlier. You had to use Arcsin and then split the problem into two integrals! So simple! Anyways, it wasn't technically due until monday, but I spent that much work on it, I wanted to get rid of it.
NPR is good stuff. I highly recommend.
Everyone needs to read this week's Onion, it's the best I've ever seen it. Seriously delicious satire, 5 for 5 Arby's good. Thats more good than you can buy in all of Canada. If you were to barter this level of good, you could easily get three to five mexican children and maybe a prostitute or two from thailand. You know those thai hookers must be good if their capital city is named after their artform. Thats
www.theonion.com for you noobs. Also crooksandliars.com is a decent liberal blog, if you can get past the flagrant linking. And Boingboing.com has good stuff and its not all political, it has some, but not a whole lot. I had my horn out for over 5 hours yesterday, my lips hurt. My endurance will improve. Over 25% of my waking hours isn't too much, is it?

Edit: 10:20AM: Work on The Shoes has begun.

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