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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Look at me! I'm an Engineering Ass!

What an awful weekend. Globally, yeah, it sucked, locally, it blew. It started well enough, saturday was alright, although I give crappy directions. Directions don't really matter anyways; I never get lost. The closest I ever come is confusion which is always caused by an error on someone elses' part, usually a girl's. For example, there are directions on a box of tampons but not a box of donuts. Not a fair example, but when are they fair in arguments? I met a guy doing a paper on Follies in Logic based on discussions with his exgirlfriend. Hmm...
I have an awful case of the Mondays. The long weekend is to blame. Labor day needs a new name, no one does anything on it. It should be called, Temporary Postal Relief day, or TPR for short. I spent the majority of that day wasted on an attempt at entertainment which left me so frustrated that I actually started doing math homework to relax. I really should have anticipated a bad evening when that same girl, Sheri(like my aunt Sheri who is a mix of the annoying Miss Piggy and Fran Drescher with the hair of Julia Drefus) or Shey (rhymes with gay), whatever her name is, the crazy chick decided to sit with me again. Its maddening, after all the effort she made to try to get to know me What do you find facinating?? she didn't remember my name, that or she had an equally crazy twin with a similar name. It could be that both twins are in the same head. It was really good roast too, up til that point.
I hope Trent Lot's house gets tagged, mostly just the porch, that bastard.
If I'm really this good at complaining, which is basically trying to excuse yourself from all the bad things that happened to you (or because of you) I should really work for the Feds, since it wasn't there fault or whatever. I should stop, I'm getting "polotical" and its only 9:30, that can never work out, like a relationship with Melanie. ZING. I'm on fire today.
Right, Right, still haven't mentioned the 40$ I blew on a game that doesn't work. Don't buy Civilization people, it sucks cock. I should have just gotten The Sims 2, I might have been able to pick up some social ediquette from a computer game. Damn, I'm beat. Fuck you, Walmart.


Dr. Dangerman said...

That's what you get when you shop at the evil Walmart! They corrupt your judgement and make you buy stupid computer games. At least now I know the Civilization sucks, and I can tell all those people that told me it was good to shove it. It was 40$ though? crazy! One more reason not to shop at Walmart. They overprice things! That game goes for 20$ everywhere I see it.

The Frumious Bandersnatch said...

It was actually 30$, they had mislabeled it or mischarged me. I hope the latter. It looks really fun, I've played prievious games in the series and really enjoyed them. Sadly, they had software problems too. I might send this one to my family to experiment with and ask them to send me the old game of it I had at home and could never get stabilized. Its not a strategy game really, its more a civilization role playing game, kinda neat. I suck at RTS games, so I wanted to avoid them. I think I may just order Sims 2 through Amazon.

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