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Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Pow. I am just now starting to feel the pressure. There would be much less if it had not been for the civilization fiasco. I blame society. And Clinton and his so called "armed forces." I really hope that if you lose a limb in a war, they let you go home, because being in the armed forces without one, would be pretty demeaning. Unless they got like some sort of machine gun arm as a replacement. Kick ass.
I have the largest workload tonight I've had yet and I imagine it will become larger as the year progresses. Good thing I'm stocked up on mountain dew. I really hope all my friends from highschool are successful so I can achieve my dream of becoming the world's best bragger. Especially Pranger. If I become rich and famous and he doesn't, I will hire him to stand next to me so I look better by comparison. Like Beyonce' does or whatever with her prop asian girls. I don't remember, like anyone pays attention to what she's wearing anyways.
Speaking of Pranger, I keep seeing a guy whom I think of as "Ugly Pranger" around, in the galley, on the streets, digging through the trash. Not sure exactly what it is about him that stricks me as Prangerish aside from his weird hair, standoffish demeaner, and sometimes carrying a backpack by one strap and maybe height and complection and some clothing prefferences. Its pretty weird. I "recognize" alot of people though, people I haven't met yet. They just seem familiar and I'll think its an old acquaintance. But I also do that with large mirrors. Who's that guy, he looks familiar. I've spent too much time on this, more than I have time for really. I need to go see what rubbish they're serving for lunch. Blech.

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