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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Breakfast, then class.

Holy crap! Look at this: http://www.google.com/talk/

I found it while I was looking for the new Blog Search System they're installing on Google shortly. It's already on blogger.com (This blog is on the top of the list for "antiwater") Surprizingly, there more other blogs that mentioned the elusive Antiwater. It sort of makes sense, if there is water, there must be antiwater if there is opposition in all things. The messenger looks alot like the MSN messenger and seems to require a google-mail account. Crazy. Before long, you'll be able to search entire books. Or am I behind the curve on this one? Maybe that's just an Amazon feature..
I'm not sure how much people will want to search blogs. It seems odd to me. The information they contain is subjective, can be inaccurate, and many times written poorly (I'm looking at you, deadjournal). I could be completely wrong about this. Many people keep their own and may like to reach out and form communities with others that feel the same way. I've gotten a few comments from strangers before and other anonymus comments. They must have found the blog somehow.

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