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Sunday, September 11, 2005

LAN: Large Amounts of Naptime

So, Kris has his own house, in Corallis. Which proves once and for all that he is indeed a rich, rich basterd. Anyway, went down there on Friday for a LAN party, made it there in under an hour and a half, because Kris drives crazy. Crazy awsome! Anyway, we had a good time making fun of any and every-thing that we could think of, and just generally being 2-AM, caffine and sugar high crazy. It rocked, even though I think I was ranked last in all but one or two of the matches. Meh. Oh and JC ate a bunch of dick. That being our adopted name for the Jones Soda frozen popsicles, which were just as good as the sodas themselves.

Edit: Robert is a flamer.

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