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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Core Concepts

I really hope City of Villians allows for the creation of an evil mind controller so I can make the Evil Dr. Zimbardo (see above). He's one of the authors of my psychology text and a professor at Stanford. To really appreciate the (evil) genius of this man you must research his Stanford Prison Experiment, which is incredibly awesomely evil, like super glue. It's good stuff with lots of torture, humiliation, and dehumanization. Doesn't he just look evil? I think it's the van dyke.

Excellent breakfast as usual. Ham, hashbrowns, and a piece of bacon. With incredients that good, who could drink that piss like "apple juice." People in the area code 77230, thats who.

I've decided that Halo 2 is better than the original for one core reason. There are many, many, many other aspects of Halo that outshine its sequel but one: Newbies. They don't stand a chance against any sort of seasoned player in Halo; they often try to use the assault rifle simply because it shoots fast while a veteran will three shot them with the pistol. Idiots. That's why people like Peter suck so bad, but there are many other reasons why Peter sucks so bad, but I won't get into those. In Halo 2, the biggest learning curve is the duel weilding, which is relatively simple, and the sword, but thats forgivable. A person will more likely quit the original due to frustration than the sequel, I've decided. Scorpions still suck balls. I think thats all the musing I need to do on this topic. Time to read some psychology.

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