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Saturday, September 17, 2005

movie time

Just a quick post before I go practise/laundry. To think, I'm doing this instead of attending a social event filled with beautiful women. My libido is broken. Anyways, I came upon this article about the painter who created The Scream, one of the most famous and parodies works around. This guy had a crazy life and a crazy crowd to hang with. Several suicides, lost of tangled love affairs, and lots of drunkenness. Sounds like a college campus almost. Not my campus, drug free way to be. Yay. The article reminded me of one we read in my focused arts and media education in highschool about the "cultural-epoch" theory. In the paper it said that artists. Damn, my feet reek, I need shoes with better airflow. Anyways, the paper about societal tension, release, upheval was all very interesting... It talked about artists being more intune with the tensions in their society and being compelled to express this discord within their mediums due to whatever sort of emotional calling they had or yadda yadda yadda. This artist, Munch, was an alcoholic and I don't remember exactly how I was going to spin this but the punch line is creative geniuses are broken people. Broken by addictions, mental instability, or whatever. Its a blessing and a curse. I point the the revolutionary figure of Charlie Parker with his heroine addiction and his severe nervous breakdown(s) as well as Isaac Newton, with his demons. I think the latter was a closet homosexual. I need to go do my laundry. The party would be over by the time I got there if I left now. Damn. Bored.


Anonymous said...

You're a genius, Derek. No one appreciates you there! Come to the dark side! Come to U of O!

- Mel

The Frumious Bandersnatch said...

I decline. We all know that eventually you'd get drunk and try to have your way with me, but it will not work as long as I am trapped in the wilderness of Udaho. Having drunken, sloppy, Melogna slobber all over me is something Pranger would pay good money to see, and it probably wouldn't cover travel and liquor expenses. No dice. If I want Melanie sex, I'll go get a Vernier Human Physiology text to describe it for me, with diagrams!

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