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Monday, November 30, 2009

Effective Advertising

I know this guy through a friend, by which I mean that I haven't yet actually met him but may vouch for his intentions in this ad. It is in no way authorized or endorsed by Pepsi. The guy just likes making amateur videos for the internet the same way I used to record myself hosting a radio show into a cassette player. The fact that it is still available on YouTube is likely due only to his low view count (50 at time of posting). If it were to become viral, which I sincerely hope it does, it would likely be pulled. Nevertheless, after each viewing, I feel an inkling of lust for a refreshing beverage.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Hungry for Grains

Three weeks ago I went to a zombie/vampire film festival. Among the sponsors was PopCap Games and this advertisement began the short film block:

I typically ignore video game advertisements, but this one took me to awareness, then interest, and ultimately action once I tried the free demo a few days later. I enjoyed it so much I bought it once and then again as a gift. PopCap used an excellent mix of humor, gameplay exhibition and target-specific advertising here that really worked. It doesn't hurt either that they have a history of fun/addictive games to garnish their reputation. Plants vs Zombies is no different in this respect. I feel compelled to warn you not to try the free demo until after finals week. You can also make a "zombatar!" on their website.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Take on the world

This is a super bowl ad from 2007 which I took a particular liking to. Interesting about this video is that its upload date on YouTube actually predates the game, the expected premier of most of the year’s cutting-edge advertising. Due to cost and time restrictions, the ad is only thirty seconds, but an expanded music video was created that may be viewed here. I recommend viewing this version as it more fully lists the features and benefits of the product. The song is a logical extension of the typical jingle and, I would contend, even more memorable (and an incredibly persistent earworm). The Free Credit Report songs are an excellent recent example of this as songs can be used almost equally well on radio and television spots. Although it probably wasn't necessary to create the longer video, but I suspect Garmin (as many gadget companies do) has a devoted and technology-oriented fan base which would enjoy it and the accompanying interactive features that can be found on their company blog where this advertisement is featured with trivia contests, behind-the-scenes and in-character interviews, and even a MySpace page for Garmin Man. It tells a creative narrative drawing on the Japanese giant monster/hero concept allegorizing the frustration of using conventional maps with the utility of a GPS system. And it rocks pretty hard.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Lion Inequality and Fear of Roundworms

This is all I could think about during my physics class last week.

This week has been busy, which creates time for procrastination, which means a blog post. I haven't written anything of substance for a time.

Spring break was horrible in the best way imaginable. It would have been a failure, and it was, but I found it comically so, which was (a bit) redeeming. I feel I can cross road-trip off my pitiful list of life achievements. I think it could make for a darkly funny anecdote, but I'm not sure how to approach it yet. If I had to pick one highlight right now... perhaps the doll barber salon at the American Girl Store? And they have tea parties! Delightful!

I'm taking an advertising class right now that I am loving so far. There is a class blog where we are to submit and comment on various advertisements. I haven't decided what my particular advert will be yet. I have at least fifteen ads favorited on youtube, so I'm not at a loss for substance, especially if public service announcements or political campaign advertisements qualify. I think writing about a guerrilla marketing campaign might be interesting, but I may save it for a midterm or whatnot. The most fun, however, is an "idea book." It's like getting a grade for doodling! I've been recording some of my "more interesting" ideas for sometime now, and its strange having to turn them in, but I hope they enjoy reading it.

Alas, I am sad I cannot attend the Spinal Tap concert this weekend, although it's titled "unwigged and unplugged," which loses half the fun.

In conclusion: I really like it when things are proclaimed as allies. Sometimes when things are BFF's that is OK too.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

36 people are not a fan. Become a fan.

I've written about FaceSpace many times before and I don't have much time to elaborate on how I love this, but perhaps you will also enjoy it.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My parents are dead!

I'm experiencing a blend of accomplishment and shame. It took me quite a while, but I managed to size down an ascii Batman to fit in that trite little box Facebook put under profile pictures. Behold:

ooooooooo\,\ool#[~_] ooooo
ooooooooo____l# '- \___ooo
I wish I could say it looks better on Facebook, but it doesn't really. One of many recent complaints with Facebook. Foremost of them: why is there a like button but no dislike button? I want to disprove of my friends actions through the electronic ether. Seperated by space, but not from condescension!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Come back with that statue!

This made me laugh a little bit.

Today has been weird. On Facebook, I found the profile of one of my current professors after he half-jokingly said he wanted to be my friend on Facebook. I assumed he was joking when he said he had one, but now I'm tempted to add him. I also stumbled on the profile of my elementary school music teacher. She's friends with someone I knew in high school. I'm still reeling from the friend request from my aunt.

Aside from these things I've spent the day counting some fruitflys and reading about a genetic origin of homosexuality. Then I spent some time trying to find this awesome sculpture at DIA on Google Earth, but it hasn't been updated. I'm a little embarassed to say, I think I found the house from the latest Real World. I think maybe later I might try to find a whale.

Oh, and this.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Ten Days to Singles Awareness Day

I'd be more tempted to see this if I hadn't been so let down by Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter

I dugg this a while ago, and apparently it happened in Texas. The maintenance worker quoted seemed more concerned about the traffic risks than the false zombie alarm. Clearly, they have their priorities mixed up. Also based on my experience in public works, I don't believe they really locked up the sign.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Having Fun Isn't Hard

Youtube recently revamped its search feature, but that can't stop me from finding nostalgic clips from PBS series!

I find myself blogging most often when I should be doing something else. Some people clean when they procrastinate, I tell the interblag what I found on the PBS website (Not the Arthur clip).

I just requested numerous items that probably won't arrive in time to help write the midterm I requested them for. But they still look interesting! A few of them were videos, so I may watch those if I remember to pick them up in time.

Did you know the song "Make 'Em Laugh" from Singin' In The Rain is actually plagerized? It's true! I read it on the internet. I'd play the more you know sound appropriately here, if I had it on my soundtrack shirt, which I do not wear enough. I'll get there. Currently, I'm still trying to optimize the rest of my daily wear. I think I want to add lights -- to avoid Doomesque situations.

Anyways, the original sidetracking thought was a new PBS series I was fortunate to catch last week about (the history of American?) comedy. I only caught the tail end and it's not on dvd yet since it hasn't finished its initial run, I suppose. There's an episode tonight. They have a web-exclusive episode called "Teh Internets". I can't wait to watch it! Unfortunately, I'm in the library and don't have time (it's 30 minutes) to watch it today. But you should!

Saturday, January 03, 2009


This was my birthday breakfast. It was delicious. I'd like to thank Holy Taco for the amazing idea.

I'd like to begin 2009 by asking for a moratorium on using pronouns as prefixes. It's ridiculous and it needs to end. It doesn't making your product seem more hip. Stop it.

I only seem to blog when I'm procrastinating, although I maintain my moblog and twitter accounts fairly consistently. I've been meaning to muse on some things for the past month and I've probably forgotten most of them by now. I'll try to address a few of them.

Wrapping the year up: One person on my 2008 deadpool passed, Gordon Hinkley. I'm really rather disapointed in myself given the impressive number of deaths in the past year. I'm hoping to do better this year, as morbid as that is. Clearly, I don't want any of these people to die, but I also like being right and feeling slightly prophetic. You can play along at home too! Just write down the top ten notable people you feel may expire in the coming year. The person with the most deceased on their list at the end of the year gets the satisfaction of knowing they're responsible for the world being a little less bright. It's fun!

On blogging: I made 264 posts on this blog, passing the 500 and 700 post marks. I also created my moblog, which has over 3,500 posts of useless thoughts, and a comblog(?) which is a bit of both? I'll probably add a twitter widget to that eventually too, likely instead of writing a paper of some sort.

Today's procrastination is buying textbooks. Although I'm excited for the new semester, I don't especially care to get dressed, instead savoring having the apartment to myself. I'm taking one class on television genres, which I've very much looking forward to. Perhaps it will be like this South Park class? Or perhaps we will touch on Buffy Studies. I'm just excited I'll be reading House and Philosophy, although much less to be Reading Sex and the City, but I'm sure it will be interesting.

Finally, here's my 2009 Deadpool:

Deadpool '09

Les Paul