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Friday, April 17, 2009

Take on the world

This is a super bowl ad from 2007 which I took a particular liking to. Interesting about this video is that its upload date on YouTube actually predates the game, the expected premier of most of the year’s cutting-edge advertising. Due to cost and time restrictions, the ad is only thirty seconds, but an expanded music video was created that may be viewed here. I recommend viewing this version as it more fully lists the features and benefits of the product. The song is a logical extension of the typical jingle and, I would contend, even more memorable (and an incredibly persistent earworm). The Free Credit Report songs are an excellent recent example of this as songs can be used almost equally well on radio and television spots. Although it probably wasn't necessary to create the longer video, but I suspect Garmin (as many gadget companies do) has a devoted and technology-oriented fan base which would enjoy it and the accompanying interactive features that can be found on their company blog where this advertisement is featured with trivia contests, behind-the-scenes and in-character interviews, and even a MySpace page for Garmin Man. It tells a creative narrative drawing on the Japanese giant monster/hero concept allegorizing the frustration of using conventional maps with the utility of a GPS system. And it rocks pretty hard.

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