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Friday, August 03, 2007


So I found out today that this IP address is actually banned from making edits on Wikipedia, which kind of sucks because I like to add brackets around topics that intrigue me through the edit page instead of typing the word into the search bar.

I rented How I Met Your Mother on dvd this week upon recommendation of and with Kirsten thinking it might be fun to watch together. We watched like 6 episodes and haven't seen her since. It almost seems like she comes over to get her mojo fix and then leaves until it needs refilled. I assume that I receive a slightly choice treatment among her friends, on account of our previous relations, but even with that boon find it an unsatisfactory friendship. Of the many invitations extended, few are accepted. I propose that this may be why she finds herself with few close and many acquaintances. But I am standing too close to be objective. I concede, the show is very funny, but I found myself empathizing with the characters in this sitcom with a heart too much to really enjoy it fully.

I've begun a voyage of self-discovery. More on this later. So far, I've learned I'm really not that funny. Forget everything you thought you new [pun!] about me; it's all changing!!!

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