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Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Of all the grievances I have with my religion and my religious schools. Perhaps the one I despise the most is The Honor Code. This invisible fense, not a guardrail, is posted everywhere to remind us to "I-Honor It". I was "observed in violation" of it today. Evidently my "beard" is too long, according to the slip. Strangely, the authority figure said my hair was too long, nothing about my facial hair, and then proceeded to underline the section of the blue slip (that tells you your sin) that talks about "earrings and other body piercing". Damn those nipple rings! Always getting me introuble! Poor Jesus would never be allowed on campus with those hippie locks, freedom stubble, and open-toed shoes.

As you can see, my biggest crime against God here is acne and a poorly photographed expression that makes my jaw look deformed.

Sometimes I like to think of our little mormonism as the Islam of America with its rigid division of the sexes, plural marriage (its never refered to in-house as polygamy; and isn't officially sanctioned anymore) and holy cities. I do regret that we aren't as militant. We get instructed to do alot of things and fulfilling a fatwa against ye ole abortion clinic seems alot more fun than family home evening, which blows. It's been far too long since rioted over foreign publications.

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