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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Or a Spring Loaded Bowstaff

This is in the "gifts4women" section where you can also find rings covered in hair.

I attribute part of my blogging silence to my conversion to Digg. Feedburner showing me that my audience consists entirely of Googlebots didn't help and a few subtle changes to ScribeFire haven't helped either, but when the best things on the internet are presented so neatly, what more can I say? Anyways, this is about three clicks removed from Digg, through Gizmodo to which I also subscribe but missed. Anyways, the price seems quite reasonable for a discreet stripper pole, although I imagine shipping will be pricey. Fortunately, they have a deal:

The subtitle troubles me, but I'm not sure which part more so. Clearly this is a product intended for adults, but then they take it further and clarify that it is a fun product. The repetition of kit also seems gratuitous, but I imagine it may all be a clerical thing... to differentiate it from the freestyle blow jobs? But if this product interests you, don't let my trite observations dissuade you; it has a very complimentary review:
it used to be so messy and it was such a chore to clean up afterwards. but with the blow job kit we can do it all night long with no problem. - mattie, utah
Yay, Utah!

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