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Friday, January 01, 2010

You don't start counting at zero

Once again I failed to see the green flash.

Aside from the decade not actually being over yet, I felt I should share an epiphany which was revealed to me last night. We've been pronouncing the year wrong for the past ten years! All other four digit dates have been processed as two separate numbers (eighteen ninety-two) rather than a single numeral (one thousand eight hundred ninety-two). It's a small quibble but twenty o' one feels different than two thousand and one. At least we've mostly stopped calling it "the new millennium," which always makes me think of m&ms and vague messianic prophecies.

I got two out of ten predictions fulfilled on last year's dead pool: Les Paul and Patric Swayze. I will post the my new list after I've finished composing it.

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