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Thursday, October 02, 2008

And no other girls can say anything about it

This is so amazing. More amazing: instructions.

I went to the local Spirit Halloween store the other day. Although I didn't get anything for myself, I was very much tempted by this. The past year I stayed home and handed out candy dressed as a ninja. It's a costume of convenience I've used in years past. When I'm not sneaking in them, I use the ninja sweatpants for lounging. I've always loved the costume aspect of the holiday the most and picked outfits as a youth that I knew I'd like to play with or wear later (jealous!). I'd love to try to make my own costume now that I have some sewing proficiency, but time and money make it difficult. However, I am in love with these recycled costumes. Even better, some of the creators have shared instructions so you can try to make one too. I'm not sure how cute I'd look in an umbrella bat costume. Also, people who use umbrellas are pansies.

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