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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Quick Facts!!!

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I could do this for all 50 states, but will I? I am not sure, but it had a link to download in excel, which would be a great convienence, so the possibility still exists. I am linking to it now, as I await more instruction on what we need and how it will be processed and the various difficulties transcription will present. Here are the Oregon QuickFacts from the US Census Bureau. And here are the State and County QuickFacts. And here are the USA QuickFacts and even More USA data sets! Ooo! I found some Statistical Abstract with some excel data. I'm certain he will teach us how to transfer to SPSS from excel. Yay!

The Statistical Abstract: Elections is interesting, like the data on presidential vetos. The
Composition of Congress by Political Party Affiliation --States: 1999 to 2006 is interesting, but it ends before the 110th Congresses, which would make the whole thing so much more interesting in the dramatic shift in congressional power that happened last election to see if it happened at the state level as well. That data on the similar Composition of Congress by Political Party: 1975 to 2006 could be filled in rather easily, as it is a smaller file and the information would be more easily accessed. Unfortunately, he wants us to have 60 individuals, and we're only on the 43rd president. There are also only 50 states. I could do congressional data; there would be enough there. It is time for my next class, which hopefully I'll pay more attention in than this one. But servers are down! Wo are we! Anyways, statistics time!

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