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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Tired Time

I'm rather awake for 5 am. Rather awake, indeed. I woke up at 4.30; the haze had worn off. It required some work, but 3.50 came soon enough. Now I am awake. That is the story. Some lovely harp music was there to commemorate the occasion. Lovely.

Now I am eating 'meat pie' and I am wary, but Morning Edition is coming on, which I love. It feels rather old to me, that is why I am wary. But it tastes good, aside from some crunches I'd rather not think about.

One of my roommates has their alarm set for 5am. They are crazy! Crazy!

NPR is starting a lot of new little segments, I can't recall their names (one is Crossing the Divide), but they started one Saturday and one today! Wow!

I have to logout, that is, close my browser, because mybyui.edu sucks. So this post is probably over, but there were a few things I wanted to share. The first is a small article on Wired that I found hilarious because of the comments, the second some offhand comments my roommate Mike (not the stupid mike, who is gone) made about Fat Andy, another roommate who has left. Anyways, enjoy:


"what did i do? I said, you're fat. lose some weight you lard!"

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