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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Hairless Ape Monkeys

My mouth hurts. I've been drinking too much Mountain Dew, I've decided that was the problem. I've never had superb dental hygiene, but we'll scapegoat the Dew for the time being. I am applying far too more toothache solution than the recommended value, and it seems to be yielding diminishing returns. I've tried applying aspirin directly to the inside of my lip, which has worked quite well in the past, but nothing yet. I've never know anything so exquisitely painful before drinking orange juice today. If I acquire my father's allergy to it, I shall blame this week. I have an ulcer in my mouth. Not fun to think about. So, we shant any longer. You simply must realize I've been very irritable recently because of it, like a wounded animal. Speaking of which. I'm sorry. I couldn't resist. <laugh at freaks>

</stop laughing at freaks> Seriously, though, guys. It's nothing to foal around about.

I stole that joke from the comments thread. Some guy, whom I must assume is a zoophile from his devotion to the cause, flames anyone who might mention how odd their behavior is. I think I enjoyed the comments better than the clip, with such gems as:

(6 months ago)

Die animal fucking faggots DIE!

(6 months ago)

Oh shut up you small pitty minded silly little two legged freak.

Think before you speak.

For I pitty your intelligence or lack there of.

People like you suck, animals is who I love.


(7 months ago)

It's the official Trojan Horse.


(8 months ago)

You guys are sick and need help...




(2 months ago)

TexanV you watched the video bet your wanked off madly to it. Your one

of them hypocrites that tries to find somebody that's politically

incorrect to pick on so you can use that as an excuse to attack

somebody. This way you can use your fake morals to cast evil down on

others without fear using what society deems ok as your excuse to be

wicked sorta like somebody else called Adolf Hitler.


(2 months ago)



(2 months ago)

Hey Texan No thanks you first have to have a penis to fuck me secondly.

I don't have a horse so you must be fucking it but go fuck that cow you

call your girlfriend haha.


(2 months ago)

Hey TexanV You Watched this video so you must like fucking horses but

are too chicken shit to be yourself so your just jealous like a bitch.

gizzlybear4 goes on to repeatedly call people "hairless ape monkeys" several times. I love the internet!

I have other things I need to do, but I haven't gotten around to it. I suppose I should try and espouse that quote by Jack London, "You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club." Time to go clubbin', I suppose..

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