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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Lost Dream

I remembered the lost dream as I was swaying timidly in the shower, wary of the warmer water. I had trained a mischievous black kitten to smile on cue, making for an abundance of LOLcat captions which I would then create for the amusement of all, or whatnot. Damn LOLcats.

I guess there's a farewell party tonight. I wasn't invited and it'd be weird to show up unannounced. We were never that close anyways, I suppose. Each day I listen to my coworkers regale each other with stories of drunken stupors and misadventures that invariably end with inebriation. They will extol the virtues of various spirits and demons, and I nod along, knowing only what public education and public encyclopedias have told me. That same question comes up so often. I'm sick of it, but I know nothing else.

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