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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Happy Canada Day!

Story time:

I woke up today, dreams of Weekend Edition, and was asked by my father, "Why did you break up with Kirsten?" I blinked. "I didn't" He was confused, as was I by the inquiry. "But Michelle said the opposite." I assured him I wouldn't have broken up with Kirsten. My parents later discussed this startling revelation as I prepared for zombie uprisings. I head my father ask, "If Derek thinks Kirsten broke up with him and Kirsten thinks he broke up with her, how broken up are they?" My mom replied, "If only it had been Amanda and Tom. They made me so sick last night with that lovey-dovey crap."

I'm so bored on the weekends now. I have nothing to do but play with my brother. I need more friends.. My life sucks. It didn't seem as lame before. At least I have lots of mountain dew. T-formers comes out this week! Yay. Brother wants the computer now. Good-night.

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