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Saturday, June 30, 2007

'If I bought an iPhone, would you love me?"

I haven't been sleeping well. Waking in the middle of the night, scrawling dreams into text messages.

I just bit my tongue sneezing. I hate sneezing!

I'm just bidding time until Albertson's opens, I think at 8. So I can buy more Mountain Dew. Lots of it.

I had a nightmare about transformers toys. Namely, that I couldn't get them. Pathetic. I do want to buy this more than ever before. Just because I dreamed I could no longer do so. I was going to reward myself with it for cleaning my room. But honestly, that'll never happen. Holy crap, look at the selection! Even Mr. Potatohead rolls out! They actually don't have the one I wanted, which is understandable since it was from Beast Wars and was special anniversary or whatever. No one cares. I suffer alone! Damn, dreams. That room will never be clean now.

And I wish I could say those were the worst dreams. Worse are those were I am accused of being too forward with a kiss on a cheek and she has curly hair. Dreams about cuddling ruin my day. The context is what kills me.

I've available for contact after 4, any actually plans will require a change of clothes on my part before I can do anything. More time if I want to look my best and have some time to eat, and I'm sluggish to do those. Of course, no one will ever take me up on the offer.

Lastly, this story I found vaguely entertaining, in my half sleep listening:NPR : Bald Eagles Viewed Differently in Alaska

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