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Saturday, December 30, 2006


I am watching Geraldo At Large. I am ashamed. I had my hopes set on watching the oddities of celebrities, but my shower took too long. The time would pass, their faces become distorted and contorted, not beautiful at all. I must watch a freak show of a different kind now. Oh, Geraldo, you expose the most hideous of evils; the wrongs of undercover investigations revealing pedophiles in Murphy, Texas. Oh Dateline, what have you done to that man who was so ashamed that he was compelled to kill himself? The town is outraged...or ashamed?? Geraldo brings out the worst in everything, currently my writing. He says hazing has gone horribly wrong, I disagree; it looks like they were doing some high quality hazing. Geraldo, your dateline commercials bring me to shame, and the "Red Hot guys" are totally gay. So completely red-hot they have burst into flames. "One wearing fairy wings was incoherent," Geraldo says. I love Geraldo At Large. Perhaps a greater guilty pleasure than Maury.

I thought I saw one, in the water. I couldn't tell through the undulations. It's been so long since I've seen fleas, I can't recall size comparisons. The cat, which hated me so before, has become friendly. I struggle to resist, but amicable animals always avail. I mean prevail, but I could not resist the alliteration either. It's aging: we acquired it months after the dog, which has since deceased. It can't escape lifts and scoops, poor creature. Ethan menaced to push it off the table. Kirsten says I've made a new friend, but will that friendship persevere fleas? At least she doesn't crawl into my bed and wake me up. Growling in my ear. Stepping on my face. I have a stuffy nose that can keep me up instead. I wondered if my long shower could be a delouser, I doubt my shampoo has anti-parasitic components. A useless ritual.

I had all these grand thoughts. Thoughts I thought were grand, but I can't recall them. Thoughts on my father and other turbulent matters. The television is distracting. I should have more to report, being Christmas Break. But I do so little. So so little. I worry about censoring myself, having learned that I have a "readership." Holy crap, Geraldo signs off with the peace sign. Late nights bring out the worst in people. But I don't want to go to bed.

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