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Thursday, December 14, 2006

A State of Decay

Someone did not flush the toilet. If they do should not be bothered to flush, why should I? If not bothered to flush, why should I bother to aim? To buy toilet paper? To use the toilet at all? Such is the slippery slope on which we dwell. Only a week remains, and it is not my duty to clean that facility, why should I care? Sometimes it is hard to. I plan to put a soup tabula in the shower head tonight during the night, as I do not plan to sleep for the second instance this week. I dismiss my fears, the night lends me solace.

I watched the game they play called "Battleship," a game of swamping canoes in the school pool. Items may be employed to block or lob water as according to some rules, which I have but a rudimentary understanding of. My mind reeled. I saw that the more skittish ships survived longer being out of reach of the other vessels for a greater portion than the others, as the event seemed to be a timed match and I cannot be sure what the rules of participation require of engagement. I imagined canoes powered by cranks connected to Archimedes' screws to shovel in water at an alarming rate in close proximity. Canoes stranded in the center of the pool were reduced to using hands and paddles with pitiful results. Surely, a pole would be of no use; they would never allow for a gondolier in such a tiny pool, neither would it fling with any ease or safety. I began to think some sort of Jai alai raquet (I know little of the sport and had to search extensively to anything of it) would be quite useful as it would make both an effective paddle and weapon. I tire of this for now, perhaps when I know more about this game I shall post more at some later time. My enduring roommates have begun the movie "Finding Neverland," and I shall be up quite late tonight, I am not very thrilled presently.

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