Waffling in THREE dimensions.

Sunday, December 10, 2006


I had a most devious thought during a heart retching, for all who love quality in their music, rendition of "Silent Night". One of those thoughts that once planted, supplants all previous opinions regarding a topic. It is one of those things I like to share with people every so often, because I am an awful person, to watch their reaction, sometimes to justify my position in regard to something they enjoy. Like when someone asks if I would like some eggs, I always shake my head sadly and say to them, "No, I don't eat eggs, and it saddens me that you do. Would you eat any woman abortion? Why then do you eat the hen's?" The wiser ovivore, a word which i feel to be true in its description but can find no accreditation to, would correct me at this point saying that not all eggs are fertilized, in fact most commercial eggs are not, and it would be more akin to menstruation. Whatever comparison will be made between menstruation and abortion, I choose the latter in my comparison because of its potent cultural oomf. But I have digressed, in my searching for the word ovivore through wikis and dictis, so I propose to lay down the thought (though not as eloquently as I would hope) which I first thought of during the meetings in a brief respite form the lecture on obeying the honor code in its nth reiteration. Whenever the song "Silent Night" is sung, be sure to not think about it applying to stillbirths. It totally ruins it.

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