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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I cannot say that I am looking forward to my birthday, as I am not expecting anything profound. Perhaps reading Walden made me less materialistic, or I may naturally desire few things, or I may have forgotten my principle desires, but in any case I am not holding my breath. Those with the means to supply me with those two chief desires I hold to, have expressed their denial of them. Given the great deal of work necessary to reach my birthday, I haven't much time to ponder it, although I found the thought of "not really wanting anything for my birthday" quite alarming for a time. For the time being, I have been anticipating my birthday as the end of an epoch. This downhill slide to the new semester has forged a much more tenacious beast, for which M2 has suffered. I fill a slight twinge of guilt, but in the moment it is easy to ignore, especially such times as he would bid by watching Yu-Gi-Oh. When I tried to locate an image of the aspect of Yu-Gi-Oh I despise most, I could find no such bestiary, though I must maintain that the "Thousand-Eyes Restrict," as I learned it to be called, looks like a giant floating penis monster. Fans of the show seem oblivious to this fact, or I am inserting penises into anime. Either theory is valid.

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