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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

No, George W. Bush presidential library should NOT be built in Rexburg.

Paula Zaughn is NOW talking about homosexuality. The panelists were talking about that Snickers Superbowl ad, apparently it was a big deal. I just thought it was a crappy commercial. There's nothing manly about ripping out chest hair. If anything, the removal of hair makes one LESS manly. Besides, no one eats Snickers without hands, Twix maybe, but not Snickers. I know, I eat everything I can without my hands; Fruit by the Foot is a delicious challenge in oral dexterity. NOW they're talking about Ted Haggard, who is claiming to be cured of his homosexuality. I don't believe it. Only three weeks to cure the gay? That's faster than I get any of my Amazon shipments. Where is the justice?? He still sets off my gaydar. One of the panelists (the token gay panelist brought to weight in when they talk about gay things) said something amusing, but I've forgotten. Happens a lot, I'm fried. Paula really needs more gusto, more excitement. Astronaut Love Triangles! Those are exciting! Talk about those, Paula, don't disappoint us. Your correspondent has a horrible audio, Paula, he tried to do a walking narration thing, I'm certain there's a jargonic term for it that I am unaware of, in a parking garage. Paula, get to the astronauts. Spare me the Homeland Security news, aside from the budget figures which I may cite in my complaints of ineffectual government waste. Colors don't make me feel safe, textures do. Use textures, Chertoff. Kittens will be the new texture for completely safe. Puppies the next level, because they make some people (uncaring people!) uneasy, and so on. I think the highest level should probably be a shark or something, no one wants to pet a shark. Maybe Aquaman, but he really sucks. Hard. Maybe feral raccoon, those aren't very cuddly.
Paula's lackey got an Imperial Wizard for an interview. Wait, she just said "...which at times uses hateful terms." I missed who the reference was to. I like that the guy actually dresses like a wizard, shows commitment. Oh Paula, why did you just shaft your goon with that swift summary? I bet she was hurt. They're talking about what it means that the KKK is changing its recruitment strategies and whatever. I hope they never start targeting nerds. It won't be easy to villainize K^3 or rather, K Kubed. Shudder. Paula's freaking out now about an Arab American gaining a prominent position in the Department of Homeland Security. She's Lebanese. Last I checked, the largest religion in Lebanon was Christianity, with 55% of the population. But that was from the census taken in 1932, the most recent. They won't take a new one because of the potential divisiveness. That was an awkward word. Anyways. Quit freaking out, Paula! Larry King has Buzz Aldrin on tonight. He probes, "Was it just love that drove her to it?" Love or obsession? Obsession, hands down. Anyone who drives 900 miles wearing miles is obsessed. That's the sort of thing crazy people do. Her mug shot makes me feel slightly sympathetic for her. Like a wet kitten. Poor kittens! They can't swim! They do mew a lot when wet. It's pretty annoying really. Stupid kittens. Come on guys, let's stop calling it a "love triangle." It shall be a LOVE SHUTTLE. Sex in space seems pretty messy anyways. They had that couple that went up, I forget details. Larry's making a big deal about it, but it's really pretty simple: Eunuchs in space. The baggy prison-orange space suits would go great with their lack of testicles.

I am rather tired. It is one of those weeks, where the planets align and cosmic forces conspire against me. I have gotten less than 8 hours of sleep this week, I think. It's not worth detailed analysis, that would be depressing, or exhausting. I'm doing alright. My eyes aren't red, but they are burning. Lots of naps. Naps are the devil. They eat time and are hardly refreshing. Adam wakes me up from them to ask if I know anything about Facebook. I know what it is, but have never bothered to use it. He wanted to read his girlfriend/fiance's page or something. I wasn't very interested. He was so insistent that I had to refrain from feigning sleep! Which I was doing so he'd go away. Didn't really work. I don't feel much better now. I'll be up again tonight. And tomorrow night probably too. Maybe the night after. Maybe I'll get into the Uberman schedule. I hope not. I have no desire to become nocturnal. Those these ciestas are becoming a common occurrence. After greater consideration, ciestas are too short. It's more intense than that. Much more. I'm quite stiff. All over. And losing weight. I'm concerned about that a bit. I'm pulling long hours. But I've felt great about my test scores thus far, so I'm not likely to stop.

The Scroll is a continual disappointment, a matter of shame. They're publishing bloggers now. Like it's hip or something. Too bad they picked an idiot, some bible belt blogger or something. I'll try to find a link to it. They guy argued that Bush should build his presidential library in Rexburg, after having the proposal to build it at
his wife's alma mater rejected by the school. He argues that because of it's overwhelming support of the Republican party Rexburg would be the perfect place. I do not contest that, it is overwhelming like Republican. So much so that I received audible gasps and commendation from the professor for my bravery to "come out" as a Democrat. It was weird. Kind of liberating. But I don't think I surprised a whole lot if they had paid attention, several comments in previous class periods had suggested my political persuasion. He describes Southern Methodist University as "a liberal college campus". Wow. I can't say I'm familiar with that school, having only breezed through the Wikipedia article, but it seems pretty bold, but then again, everything looks liberal compared to BYU-I. What really strikes me as odd is when he, for some, reason mentions the religious demographics of Rexburg stating, "Rexburg doesn't have any Methodist bishops-- or any Methodist churches for that matter. Heck, there's not a Methodist church in the entire county." That seems like a good reason why Bush not would want to put his library here, also because Rexburg sucks. No, thanks Lockwood. http://www.biblebeltblogger.com/biblebelt/2007/01/forget_about_sm.html

Need to get to that Meeting. HARD.

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