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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Very Tasteful

Story: I was killing time before SNL started tonight and I cruise by Facebook and notice that a high school cohort had just ended a relationship. I had never met this other person and was frankly, baffled that such a situation had arisen to a point that required anything less than a premature truncation. I had to check out this person's profile. I must admit, I was impressed by the caliber of girl, although not by the "In a Relationship" tag in her profile (it appeared she jumped ship on that high school chum). She was one of them. Unfortunately, this meant that I had to listen to that song. Damn, it's catchy, if short. I start to wonder what more I could find out about the artist creating such hits as "Forest Ninja (I love the Sasquatch)" and "Wiki-Man" so I typed his moniker into my Wikipedia search bar. VeryTasteful as one word gets 1 hit, so I tried it with the space. Whoa, what's that 5th link? That's right:

Erotic lactation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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