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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

6+ more!

It feels like I should have more done than I do, or that I have done more than I've recorded, or some other dissonance from this project. I was writing a brief essay on why I am glad I'm not a girl, and I was moving this passage into the rest of what I have so far and realized it had very little to do with the actually essay. Here you go interwebs!

I am very thankful to be of the
male persuasion, more thankful each time the ugly opportunity to watch children
is presented, at which turn, point at the nearest available female. What about her? I ask. If the suggestion
is not enough, even when coupled with adamant warnings that I’ll drop it! Don’t let me drop it!,
holding a baby at arms length, like a live explosive, and asking at each gurgle
and coo what does that mean?, usually
removes any suggestion of infant competency long enough to return the infant and
make a clean escape, not forgetting to thank them for the opportunity to enjoy
a pleasant interaction with their infant (delivered with a flustered look about
me). I won’t suggest that babies are not cute, but that doesn’t mean you have
to hold them.

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