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Thursday, April 12, 2007


I got an A- in that class, by the way. A testament to all-nighters and superior awesomeness. I didn't even read the book for the final, although it was open-book. I seem to have incredible search-fu. I also did the equivalent of 5 quizzes for extra credit (~10 points each?). I only missed two, at most, although I performed very poorly on many throughout the semester. Once, after a particularly bad score he wrote, "Do you need some help?" I didn't; the class was prioritized low that night. My only regret is that I was never able to get the bound (spiral, he was very insistent upon this) copy of my responses, which was quite expensive overall. I would have liked to have it. The girl in the copyshop totally thought I was incompetent when I was trying to put it together. He let me hand it in a little late too. He was a weird old man.

In related news, I splurged. I may take apart my dilapidated PS2 to make my investment worthwhile. I found some good tutorials I'll take a look at. I'm worried about how dirty this place is. And I really hope my dentist appointment is next week instead of tomorrow. I use the word 'tomorrow' to refer to the next waking session which follows the sleeping time that will soon come.

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