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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Three down!

Only 7+ to go with ~9 hours 'til deadline. Plus studying for the exam I will fail for not reading the book. I meant to read it, but Statistics took priority and edged it out of time until the opportunity was eliminated. Which will I do next... Girl or A&P. I did the three "biggest" ones I suppose. I'm not sure how I like them, whatever, get back to work Wafflecone! And all this on the day that they released Issue 9 to the Test Server! So tempting, luckily it isn't downloading (fast) on my computer, so I can't indulge, but the temptation to read the forums about it is powerful. I ran into an interesting article in my writing the response to Araby, which took a lot longer than I had intended. There was a lot of content in there, and I'm not sure it was about the right story, but hopefully I told it well enough. He wants to feel either entertained or informed. I'm fairly confident that my response to Rip Van Winkle is at least a little humorous, assuming he's had the product I refer to throughout the piece. It was very funny when it actually happened. Turn off italics! Meh...

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