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Friday, November 02, 2007

Teeth and Dreams

I had a weird dream last night. I'm not sure how to describe it. It is beyond reality, as most dreams are.

Do your dreams ever persist into the waking world? This one has. I feel
like I need to floss. I already have today, several times, but the
feeling remains. I'll try again soon.

I have considered describing this dream, but it is an impossibility. It
is too strange. It involved a date with an old acquaintance--whom is hot
as balls, but I've known her forever and would be like dating my
cousin--and some sort of theater showing a kids movie which we were
asked to leave for impugning the ability of others to enjoy the feature
and some objects akin to dental tools getting stuck in my teeth.

Yesterday, I, along with countless others, were asked to leave the
library for reasons unspecified. I was quite perturbed, as well as
confused by the entire situation. I wrote the following note to myself
before it could fade into the abysm: "I was taking a nap! It was a
weird dream about being in the library, part was me semi-lucid dreaming
about sleeping in the library, the other part was me typing up some
confession of admiration to a girl who turned out to be at the booth
next to me. Even in my dreams I embarrass myself! She looked different
in the dream though, but just the hair, which was yellowish instead of

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