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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Trust no one

Conclusion: While the primary parts of the story were the
same, such as who was involved and the reactions from each side, were largely
the same from source to source, subtle differences emerged between each piece. The
divergence between sources was startling and best and troubling at worst. With
the very numbers differing between sources, although this is possibly due to
differences in time of publication and verification rather than an issue of
journalistic inaccuracy, it makes the informed reader question what the truth
truly is, and who really holds control of it. The amount of people gathered for
this event varies up to one hundred thousand individuals, not a small number,
with a similar, through smaller, variance in the number injured. When one story
is highlighted as a feature for evening news, what other stories were omitted
to make way? Who decides what content to broadcast and to whom do they answer?
Which biases go unnoticed when this information is withheld? The answer seems
clear: trust no one.

Ok, so I'm not really going to end it that way, but I thought it'd be fun

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