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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Most searched

I found this interesting. Google publishes it's list of the most searched for, keywords and such. Some of them just seemed hilarious. Take this list:
Searches for "Who is ...?"

1. Who is God

2. Who is who

3. Who is lookup

4. Who is Jesus

5. Who is it

6. Who is buckethead

7. Who is calling

8. Who is keppler

9. Who is this

10. Who is Satan

Who is calling? Such a simple query. I also enjoyed that enough people asked Google "How to levitate" that it was ranked the ninth most searched for topic in the How to section.

NPR : Google Captures the 'Zeitgeist' of 2007

My favorite was the top search in the category "What is...?" Which was, naturally love. The answer is rather simple:

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