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Monday, December 10, 2007


I had a dream about Battle Toads last night. I can't say it was really about Battle Toads because dreams are seldom about anything. It contained something I recognized as Battle Toads. It also contained some dream-girl I dream-cuddled with, likely an amalagram of my blanket. I do love my blankets. I tie them and wear them like capes. It also contained a desert iguana, sadly the green iguana was eaten by a dog, which I told everyone was the poisonous giga monster and held congress hostage with threat of said venom. That was pretty awesome. There was also some weird stuff with those Battle Toads which I can't remember or describe well enough to not convey a sense of psychosis, thus I refrain.

I'm delaying an inevitable essay at the moment and will share a brief story I was reminded of in the course of my "research." We were watching cartoons Saturday morning while my grandparents were over, notably The Legion of Superheroes and The Batman. My grandfather remarked that all the popular superheroes ("super heroes" is a trademark co-owned by DC and Marvel) were popular when he was a lad. It's true! Superman was invented in 1938, after all.He then asked, "Is Captain Marvel still around?" I only knew to whom he was referring because I am a huge nerd and read the excellent blog Living Between Wednesdays. I don't think he heard me say there there were rumors, I say rumors because I've never bothered to check the progress of or verify claims, of a movie starring him. It's kind of strange that his foil Black Adam seems so much more popular now.

I suppose I should get back to "research" for my project.

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