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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Victoria's Secret

Victoria Secret Fashion Show Notes

Typing this up as it goes on. Also playing City Of Villains during lulls.

A lot of these model profiles reveal that their "indulgences" are massages,


Lots of Victoria Secret Commercials. These commercials are awesome.

Actually, the whole program is just a commercial. I don't mind though.

Seale and Heide are endearing. He was singing the higher harmony. She

wasn't really singing words.

That Dyson guy is cool. I like him.

I never really cared for the Spice Girls. I think I'm okay with that.

Playing City of Villains and watching the Victoria Secret Fashion Show.

Life is wonderful!

Some of the models are blindingly beautiful; Others, not so much. I don't

think they picked the hottest girl in the college

Alot of them claim to have been tomboys when they were younger. Tomboys are


One of them just said their secret indulgence was laundry. I don't

understand, but that is certainly not a turn off, I suppose. Some have

cooking on there. Hmm...

Everything has wings. Reminds me of city of heroes. What does that say

about me? Hmm...

This is really weird with my dad in the room. Please leave, father. He

keeps lamenting how much he dislikes the "model walk".

Heide Klum is the hottest mother ever. Alot of the aspiring models wish to

have children. Makes me go :-/

I definately prefer brunnettes.

The flashing lights in the background that tell me "SEXY" are a nice touch.

I never would have figured it out on my own.

The winking and other sorts of crowd working are kind interesting. There is

a sort of celebrity among the different models. I recognize a few from

commercials, others from repeated cat walks. But really, it's just a buffet

of beautiful people that just flushing through.

They all seem to be such generous people!

Stupid Spice Girls. Damn it, that Beckam chick is still one of them. They

have male back up dancers. This will just get me incensed. There is no

continueity between their outfits, I mean, there's a theme, but like. I

don't care really. They haven't all aged at the same rate.

Pajamas are hot. I always suspected the possibility, but I didn't *know*

this before a few weeks ago when my eyes were opened to the true

possibilities. The models seem very umm...friendly...towards each other in

that commercial.

I'm glad I can't get yeast infections, at least, I *hope* I can't. That'd

be awkward, AND eye-opening.

No, I don't really want the Spice Girl's Greatest Hits, but it can't be as

bad as their flops, I suppose. Oh, it's back!

Yes, you are a christmas decoration. Wow, you are dumb, but it is


I sparkly things. However impractical they are. Hallejuah, indeed. The

choir seems weird, but really, I should have suspended my disblief by now.

I don't know if i'd call that "sexy santa" maybe more like "naughty santa"

Really? Wrapping paper? I'm questioning every value I have, and Loving it.

They all have these eyes...

OK, wtf. a bell? That...ok...

The snowflake is cool though, but looks incredibly dangerous. I thought

Seale was going to die.

Some of the women seem impossible. Where are their intestines? I suspect

girdle training on at least one, perhaps others. They are all freaks of

nature. I should feel guilty for letching, I know this. Yet, nothing. I

will blame the media and absolve myself of guilt.

What? IT CAN'T BE OVER!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I hope they put it online. hmm...



Anonymous said...

Yes, creeper- yes, you CAN get a yeast infection. Enjoy that!


The Frumious Bandersnatch said...

Serious? I will have to verify that. It seems counter-intuitive, but it seems like it could be possible. People seldom realize that men get breast cancer as well, and I don't know the conditions in which yeast thrive, so I certainly can't exclude their prosperity from my colon.

I was only being frank!

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