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Sunday, December 09, 2007


This weekend hasn't been nearly as bad as I feared it would be! I've almost got Stool Pigeon done, and there have been no awkward questions about life goals! And now it's effing snowing. I took a cap of my ForecastFox for proof, because my phone wouldn't be able to see the flakes, and they probably won't stick. What this means is some people may have a hard time getting home, if they aren't already.

I had a weird dream last night. I had superpowers, as always, although this time they were different. I had the power to control spheres, and to a lesser extent circles. I couldn't decide on a name. Some of my favorite choices included Sphere-man, Radian man, Pi Guy, or Ball Boy. Mostly I used this power to mob people with torrents of orbs of eclectic origins. I could also take globes out of their little holders, and I did that a lot for some reason. I could also transform globes to maps, and maps to globes and even perfect imperfect spheres (removing terrain from globes). I also cruised around on ball bearings, which was pretty neat. It was a weird dream. There were some other parts were me and peter were painting a clay model of the Eiffel tower, but I can't remember what powers he had, if any. There was another dream where I had to protect kids from a puma. Damn pumas.

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