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Friday, October 12, 2007


"Mommy and daddy love you; they just want you to get in your own bed"

parents put up one of those child barriers in their room. A baby
blocker, if you will, that parents sometimes use to confine their
offspring to specific parts of the house or prohibit free movement into
others for concerns of safety, sanitation, and sanity. Adults can
easily step over, but children must construct elaborate Rube Goldberg
contraptions and ziggurat structures to overcome them. He likes to
stroll into their bad in the late night and often wets the bed. I find
it amusing. I bet he'll knock it over or break it somehow before the
weekend is over. He's crazy affectionate towards them, boarding on
creepy, in my ambivalent opinion. He wanted to cross the wall tonight
just so he could "give mom a hug". Kinda sweet, I suppose, it still
made me LOL. Being this jovial when my family so isn't corrupts me into
a hyena, braying and giggling at silly things. I talk all high and
weird. Weird. I'm kinda liking this, however short-lived and artificial
it turns out to be.

Okay, so the child-gate thing isn't that funny, but it could be. We'll see when he trips on it tonight.

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