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Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Ultimate Showdown

Life is weird.

I should be doing homework right now, but I need
a breather. The assignment is to review 3 independent games, and some
of them are just awful. I just played one inspired by The Ultimate Showdown,
titled The Ultimate Showdown, and it was far from ultimate. I'm
listening to the song to flush it out of my system. It's a catchy song.
I enjoy it. It's no Chocolate Rain, but that song is amazing in it's depth and breadth.

Now I'm listening to that. Oh, the circles!

I was put in an awkward situation today. I missed a (nonexistant) memo
for a group project and was the only one to show up at the scheduled
time. The distance alone caused me considerable lamantation!
Exclaimation! I'm typing fast, because it's interesting or is
it..whatever. Angels cry and shake their heads in shame! So catchy!

I hadn't read all the reading but figured it would be better to just
show up with some rather than none. I get there, no one else has come,
or will, and his roommates are there in the living room and I'm all,
hey, what's up, trying to not show my discomfort around new people.
Turns out, they weren't that new (well, the baby they had was new,
newish) Babys are awkward. I just smile at them when they look at me.
What am I supposed to say, cute baby, even with all that drool and
face-goop? Oh, look, your child is playing with hazardous objects. I'm
not there to play with the baby.

After a while, my group-mate's
room-mate asks me what high school I went to. Apparently, they were
familiar with it and some people I knewish. I mean, some are still on
my internet friends lists, but when will I see these people? Who knows!
Do you know a Brandon? I know a Brandon. Brandon Stark?
No, I know a Justin Stark. And then it turned out that I knew one of
his room-mates through Justin, who knows everyone, and that she had
actually talked to me before on Aim. It was weird. Super-weird. I am
super-weirded out by my peers having offspring (which was very common
in idaho), but I'm superweirded out by everything. I think that's
enough for now.

Seriously, totally tripped me out, like some minor character making an appearance like 5 seasons later. OR FOR THE SERIES FINALE... ZOMG WTF!!!

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