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Thursday, October 25, 2007

some ideas

I'm sinking!!

Exploring the Theme of Mortality

One of the functions of myth that we have discussed, is
that they “reconcile us to tragedy and death”. Choose one myth we have read as
your main focus, and discuss what key lessons this myth seems to be offering
about the nature and reality of death. To what extent do these lessons seem to
be culture-specific, and to what extent to they continue to speak to us as
human beings? Be sure to support your discussion with specific examples from
the text.

Definite Afterlife with set instructions to achieve it

Osiris becoming the Lord of the Land of the Dead

Horus becoming an intermediary between life and death, the
living and the dead

Instructions towards death, grief

Relationships between parents and children


Death is inevitable, cannot be defeated

Some compromise with death can be reached

Danger is everywhere

Balance: establishment of order and justice

Threat of attack upon civilization, tyrants

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