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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Well Formed Error

Well Formed Error, a message I saw displayed in the corner of my browser while my ForcastFox add-on tried to load, would be a decent band name IMOHO. Did I use that right? Uncertain!

Another strange occurrence just occurred as I was walking to the library post my journalism class where we watched a cool video and I felt goofy. <awk> I saw an old cohort of mine from that cub scout day camp I worked at so many years ago. He recognized me, I did not until after he had passed me, but I managed to shuffle out a gutteral 'hey' in haste. It was Sharkbait and I feel bad that I don't know his real name. Maybe it was Kevin or something...

I got to talk to my dear friend Peter last night and that was wonderful. We decided that I rank a 7 on a scale of physical attractiveness, and I suppose that's all right..

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