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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

All celebrities are completely hairless

Peter leaves today. I should have asked for more of his stuff. I really should have asked for more of mark's stuff. Maybe I could have gotten his x-box. Mostly I'd just like peter's prima guide for the sims, but I spend too much time on that game as it is. Sound Alliance is kicking it up, I should cut back. Especially with how inferior I am in that group. I think that's how I 'll spend the graduation money my grandfather gave me, and a Anticon hoodie, because those kick ass. I really need to listen more. I swing like a whitey. Calculus makes me miss City of Heroes, I'd really like to try kicking puppies on City of Villains after living in this podunk town. It's Napolean Dynamite meets Singles Ward. Can't wait for Christmas, already...

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