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Friday, October 28, 2005

G-spot rocks the G-spot

Son of a bitch!!

Mine was cheaper anyways. If I'd brought it here, few would have understood it. Hell, I don't really understand it. I wasn't there. Oh well, I like target because they compete with Walmart, whom I dislike. Anyways, there's something else...

This article talks about training wasps to locate certain chemical odors in a fairly simple process. Now what i'm wondering is just how easy it really is. Primarily, can I do it with another insect here? Expose insect to scent while providing conditioned stimulus sugar water, repeat a few times, they equate the smell with food and begin to search for it. Simple. Can I, do i really even want to, train another insect...say... ants to find my room mates hair spray delicious? Too bad it probably doesn't work with spiders, they don't drink sugar water. Idea! I could be come the lord of the butterflies!! I would of course, wear a black trenchcoat (which would be made pungent) and dark glasses (for fashions sake) and be followed by an entourage of serene butterflies. The juxtaposition would be grand. Plus, butterflies are friendly. Or I could become the true lord of the flies and unleash them to do my will. I'd have to find a way to gather these insects for training before any such thing could be done. However, I think with the right perfume (like that of a sibling) applied amplely to a shallow tray of sugar water near a hornet's nest, they would eventually make the corralation. My God, insect terrorism. I don't know that a maggot farm would be worth the effort to make your roommate adorned with a cloud of flies. It might be though. Perhaps a summer project.

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