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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Anonymous on NPR

I missed this story because OPB Radio is doing it's winter pledge drive. It is unfortunate, because it is a worthy cause.

It's not a bad story, better than most of the coverage Anonymous gets. They talk to Sean Cook, who in claiming to be a part of Anonymous stops being anonymous, but it is for a good cause and it was a noble sacrifice. I'm really pleased that they included Wise Beard Man, just his name makes me happy inside.

Is there a version of Godwin's Law for comparison's to the KKK? As we all know, the internet is serious business.

More info can be found on the wikipedia page documenting these events.

NPR: 'Anonymous' Wages Attack on Scientologists

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Melanie said...

Scientology bores me now. Anything it becomes cool to hate on something, I get bored with hating on it. I'M SUCH A HIPSTER.

By the way, anytime I run into something crazy-awesome online, I now send it to you -- generally because I assume you'll appreciate it.

Oh, and you just texted me -- I only have Season 2 of Buffy, which was not a great one, IMO. You can get them at the library though, fo'sho.

Mel said...

Do those links even show up? WTF. Point being, Bigfoot = Cain.

The Frumious Bandersnatch said...

Yeah...I ran into those stories several times in Idaho (no, Udaho!). It goes great with the Eden in North America and Brigham Young's Little Green Men on Mars. There are a lot of those little goodies hidden in neat places. Nice people though!

I'm slowly divorcing myself from the religion...

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