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Monday, February 11, 2008

Selling Out

I'm skipping my first class to do this. Also, because I hate that class with the fire of a thousand suns.

Anyways, the ethical ramifications of selling out. Inspired by The Merchants of Cool.

The Grammys (a spelling which troubles me to my core) were yesterday so you'd think I should have no problem with this. I've asked a few friends, with various degrees of fail between them, and a few humorous incidents where people mistakenly believed I was referring to ticket sales. I was confused because in my mind Hannah Montana had always been a corporate enterprise. People also said U2, but failed to quantify how they sold out. To the Earth perhaps? What a poor sponsor choice.

Using an example of a performer or group that has "sold out," explain what "selling out" means to you, how you believe they have sold out and why you believe they behaved ethically or unethically in doing so. Once again, my utter lack of cool (I lost track of cool shortly after it's birth) to be a handicap. Oh, I am not looking forward to this class today, listening to idiots try to quantify the decomposition of some music that was never very good to begin with. Can it still be selling out if nothing of value was lost? Doesn't it require some sort of decrease in artistic quality? I find many artists lacking the ability to sell out entirely in this case, or perhaps the selling out occurred before I was made aware of them (more likely). I must be sure to differentiate between selling out and shark jumping. Further complicating things are those darn hipsters, always being hip, that refuse to acknowledge an artists fiscal success on some supposed moral grounds. Must an artist starve to make something of value? I disagree, perhaps the art that supports itself has the greatest value. Certainly it does financially, and what is wrong with being successful? I understand there is always some conflict between doing what you want and what you need. I should also mention product placement. Some of my favorite shows have numerous corporate parasites. I don't mind so much; they fund something I enjoy, and it can be funny at times. Although it does bother me a little knowing that there is no Chili's anywhere near Scranton. Never mind me, I'm having a discussion with myself.

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